Day 209 of 365: Lanre Large (40)


So my friend hit the big 40 today, yayyyy. It’s not big news, yeah but many arent alive to hit this landmark age, so I am sure he’s super THANKFUL. Now, why is this big-headed guy (jokes) getting a post on my blog? He is a great guy and I found out 5 years ago, took me a long while thanks to a WhatsApp group we both belong to but glad for the reconnection if I can say so myself.

So we went to same University and he seemed like a pompous guy but I realized he has been one of the few books I have judged by its cover. Conversations over the last 5 years have proved how an all round great individual he is.

So Lanre Large as some of us call you, I pray that the good LORD meet you at your point of need, he will always grant you good health and plenty of wealth whilst continually being a blessing to your family and friends (Amen). In you, I have gained a brother. Trust you had or are having a great day. Stay blessed brother.



  1. Yeah #40, looked so good on you bro….never knew he was such a great guy until when we reconnected during the reunion.

    I had thesame feelings too then, but I was dead wrong.

    Once more happy birthday bro,wish you all the best life could ever bring as you add another wonderful year ahead of many more years to come.

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