Day 198 of 365: Never been so EMBARRASSED


So amongst all my friends, I am the tallest I mean not by an inch, Femi Sao Paolo is probably the closest to me in height amongst my friends and he’s just 6 feet tall. I am 6 feet 3 and a half inches tall (yes there’s a half) by the way and I have two brothers taller than myself. One is 6’5 and the other is 6’10.

It was the 6’10 that embarrassed me. Not intentionally o. So we were heading for a party and I decided to ride with him and his wife. We stopped at Ebeano and he asked that I come to sit in the driver’s seat while they went in because I wasn’t interested in going in.

I sat down and it felt like I was dropped into a well. Sitting in that seat was the most embarrassing thing that has happened to me this year. The seat was reclined to the extreme downwards and backwards. I felt like a midget for the 10 minutes I sat there.

Happy birthday to my aunt T, GOD’s blessings and favour always.

If I remember I will share how GOD saved me and 6’5. We thank GOD for his mercies.



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