Day 148 of 365: Tolu wants a TATTOO!!!


Tolu is talking about getting a tattoo. Wait I think I need to stop talking about this girl before you people start thinking something else.

Back to her tattoo story, so she spoke to a friend about it and where she would want to situate it but he asked that in about 20 years would she like where the tattoo is placed.

Now Tolu is a bubbly person and I am even shocked she doesn’t have a tattoo yet. If she was my sibling, we would have fought with her getting a tattoo. Not that I am a better person morally but because she probably would have gotten it before she told me, lol.

Hey Tolu, I honestly don’t want you to get a TATTOO. I don’t have a reason though.

Can I get a tattoo? Hell NO, I am not a fan of those needles but I can stomach the tiny little pain that comes with injections.



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