Day 145 of 365: My Fear of Dogs


I am afraid of dogs, scratch that I am so scared of them that I’d rather not visit you if you had them as pets even if you promised to put them on a leash. This fear has lived with me since I was 7 years. It’s strange for a big fan of DMX not to like dogs right? Well not all my brothers support Manchester United but I still love them silly.

So one day, my mum asked me to go pick up a fabric from her tailor not far off from where we lived. I was almost at the place when I saw a dog facing me, I should have just respected myself and maybe kept walking or chill with the men seated by the side of the road where I was. I picked up a stone, wrong move Dipo. The dog raced at me and I decided to run but the men were like I shouldn’t run and be calm, dog that wants to bite me I shouldn’t run? Okay o.  The dog chased me and I fell in front of the men (thank GOD they were there). They stopped the dog from coming closer. I had already bruised my knee but hey these things happen.

I made a vow from that day not to keep dogs as pets. One time I lived with my aunt and her family and there was this dog they had; Sasha was fierce, you saw what I did there? Will explain some other time. I always had to call the security to tie her up before I could enter.

The scariest encounter I have had with dogs was one time in Ijebu Ode. I visited my friends and didn’t know they had dogs, not 1 or 2 or 3, they had 7 dogs of different breeds and very thick. I had walked into the compound and luckily for me I had just set foot into the the house when I saw one running towards the door. I slammed the door shut and the guys inside just bursted out in laughter. They had to tie all 7 down before I left that compound, it was the last they saw of me in that house. We jammed on Campus whenever we needed to see.

The one that broke the camels back was in Aberdeen. I was about walking into Tesco anf as I made a turn into the entrance I was met with 2 pitbulls crouched by the side of the main door. My heart froze. I didn’t go to that particular Tesco for months after that day. Not that the dogs attacked, they were obviously well trained but I was scarred.

My sister-in-law had a dog, I think they call their breed Samoyed. That’s the only kind of dog for me if I am ever going to keep one. That dog had its own issues though, Alba always wanted to play and it barked alot though the remedy was to just rub her belly.

This post stemmed from a conversation with a dog lover I spoke with yesterday.



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