Day 141 of 365: Hit by a TRAIN


Don’t take the title in as it is literally spelt out. We would get to why I chose this title in a bit.

Back in Uni (OOU, Ago Iwoye), myself and my guys played football in the evenings after classes though it is usually more interesting on Saturday mornings or let me say I loved the Saturday morning footy more. We are usually a lot on Saturdays and there’s also a lot to catch up on with the lads. There’s also loads of banter to be bandied around especially knowing there are football games to watch later on in the day. If you come you go collect as almost all of us catch the games together and it was always fun.

So on this day, my guy Dayo came to play after a long while. If he had known he wouldn’t have come to the field that day. Dayo was supposed to have gone home (Abeokuta) the day before. So himself and his teammates  were playing against a team that had a very big guy, Gbolahan who was also very rough on ball.

Dayo had the ball and was contemplating on what to do with it; pass or make a run at goal but before he could decide Gbolahan was already running ferociously towards him, next thing we knew Dayo was on the floor. Writhing in pain and a swollen face, you would have thought he was involved in boxing bout with a heavyweight boxer. You needed to have been there to know the gravity of the hit Dayo got, as we all screamed in unison. Gbolahan’s head hit Dayo’s face with his knee also colliding with Dayo’s thigh and knee cap. I honestly can’t explain how it happened well.

It was bad, really bad. Damola had to help us get Dayo to his hall in his car. Now it’s understandable if one is limping after playing a game of football but what was it with a swollen face? Anyway Damola was nice enough to help us take Dayo to his parents’ house in Abeokuta. As Damola was helping Dayo into the house, Dayo’s mum walked out and shouted train ko lu e ni (were you hit by a train). As Dayo was trying to explain that Gbolahan did this to him while they were playing football the mum shouted again, is the train’s name Gbolahan because it was only a train that can do this much damage to a human being. She thanked Damola for helping Dayo home and gave him money for fuel.

Damola came back to gist us all that evening that Dayo’s mum insisted that Dayo must have been hit by  train and no human can possibly hurt a human being like that playing football, except if it was a fight with batons involved. Maybe when she saw Gbolahan she would know he’s built like a train.



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