Day 14 0f 365: Friends


I love them, I am thankful to GOD that he made them. My aunt once told me, post OOU precisely that I have way too many friends for a shy guy. This was after boys and a relatively few ladies had devoured all the meal she made for my birthday that year, she was worried it was going to waste when I told her I was expecting about 70 people. She was like how do you know so many people and we find it hard to get a few words out of you around the house, lol.

There are some that I call the Usual Suspects, if I like I should be out of town they will pick a spot and have fun on my birthday.

There are some who tension me with their smartness, some with their assets etc.

So how do I pick my friends? I don’t discriminate, I can be friends with anybody. Old, young, tall or short. Strangest thing for me  has been that I never liked my closest friend from the get go, I met him during Common Entrance and he was practically cool with everyone he came in contact with that day. He was on this arm wrestling tip winning everybody except one Joshua guy who seemed to out power him. From a distance and in my mind I just said I didn’t like this guy.

We now met again in Secondary School and I was like this guy again. This was just before classes the next day only for us to be in the same class, JSS 1C.

I still can’t explain what made us bond but I remember after we were cool we had a fight in JSS 2. The silliest of things caused the fight even though the night before someone said if two people slept on the same bed and they backed each other they were bound to fight the next day. I laughed my head off and my friend and I decided to give it a shot. The day after we had the only fight or argument ever of our over twenty something years of friendship. We got caught and the teacher beat the living hell out of us only for us to hug ourselves after telling each other we would never fight again and yes we have kept that promise. There have been disagreements no doubt but we always handled our business like nothing happened. Shout out to Gbola Lawson, love you bro.

To all my friends all over the globe we might not speak often or I might not reach out as often but you all have been a blessing to me one way or the other and I appreciate and love you all.

Till tomorrow, we MOVE!!!


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