Day 135 of 365: Coming to America II


This is coming a tad bit late but I will still say a thing about the movie Coming to America II. The sequel to the movie which was first released in 1988 was open to Nigerian viewers on the 5th of March, 2021 and I saw it via the Amazon Prime app.

I had opened a bottle of red wine to accompany the suya I bought earlier on and microwaved so I could balance well and watch the movie. I must say I wasted my bottle of wine on the night.

Coming to America II didn’t leave the airport. It was a far cry from the first instalment.



  1. Me I was even wondering aw dem go recoup thr money back from all d colourful costumes
    Believed they spent so much on the production but doubt them getting much more above it back

    If I sleep on top film wey I dey watch n I no rewind to see wat I av missed when am awake shows it wasn’t much of a film to loose sleep over.
    Tnk God say I no carry my leg go watch am for cinema, make I come que only to watch such, *The comeback Trail* sweet pass am sef.


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