Day 120 of 365: One of my Little Wins


This could sound weird or crazy but I will still write about it. Growing up I used to go to Ijebu-ode with my aunt and her family at the turn of the year. I always looked forward to it because myself, my cousins and friends usually gather to play football for the 2 days or more we spend there. There was always competition particularly in who would end up being top scorer.

I sometimes end up being the top goal scorer when the goals are counted. Now my brother decided to come on this particular trip. He is one hell of a defender and for one reason or the other I hated playing against him. It was always hard going past him, he reminded me of a Franco Baresi or Paolo Maldini. Tough tackling and always a nightmare for me, I usually pass the ball before he gets to me.

On the 2nd of January, 1998 was my day. Yeah I am that good with dates especially if it’s something special. I took him on after receiving a long pass from my cousin Big Yomz. I went past him with a quick move without letting the ball touch the ground and  had the goalkeeper at my mercy. It was easy putting the ball past Sola, which I did.

The little win here was dribbling my brother. I talked about it for weeks.



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