Day 119 of 365: Chicken


Don’t get me wrong I am still a turkey man and would pick turkey over chicken all day everyday and 3 times on Sunday. With that out of the way, let’s read a short story about my love for chicken.

So back in the days St. Elmos served the best chicken in Nigeria. My cousin Sir Greg mentioned it that year and when I tried it I confirmed it. St. Elmos chicken was bliss. Then I made a switch to Nandos. Nandos I think had a strategic alliance with Mr. Biggs one time. I took occasional trips to Nandos when I craved for chicken. My best Nandos experience has to be in Aberdeen though.

In came the Chicken Republic adventure. I usually just had their Chickwizz until one of my colleagues started patronising them almost everyday with chicken and chips her constant order. She offered me one of the pieces in the box and it was then I knew there hasn’t been any better chicken made in the history of Fast Food joints in Nigeria.

I have this ritual of after settling all my bills for the month I must treat myself to Chicken Republic’s chicken. I am even so bad at remembering what the chicken is called I just say that chicken that looks rough. Whether it’s spiced fried chicken or chicken in batter, I just like that chicken.

My point of Chicken Republic’s chicken being the best chicken in the country was validated by 2 of my brothers and their wives. Whatever my people say is always right. Thank you.



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