Day 117 of 365: I was introduced to Spotify


I got chatting with a friend when I mentioned I was travelling out of Lagos. I added I hated travelling but this was work, unless I wanted to go hungry I didn’t have a choice. She said just make the most of the journey and I responded by sleeping. She smiled and said no jor. She asked if I had Spotify on my phone and I said no.

I was asked to download Spotify but Dipo is stuck in his ways when it comes to music. I will rather just listen to one album after the other of my favourite artists rather than shuffle music randomly on my playlist. She was like oga just download Spotify first and enjoy music. I did and saw that I could select a group of artists I liked and the app will suggest their songs or any song these artists are featured on.

Trip day and I decided to give it a shot before leaving the house. I have this weird behaviour of listening to music when I am in the bathroom and generally preparing for work. I used the Spotify app from home till I boarded the plane. Got off the plane continued till I got to my final destination though I was also reading a book. I stopped the music for a meeting I had and continued afterwards.

I currently have DMX, Jay Z, Dr. Dre, Warren G, 9ice, 112, Dbanj and Eminem on shuffle from the app. Will add my other favourite artists before I head back to Lagos.

As I write this piece, I am listening to songs via Spotify. I think its a good app to be honest and I have not even explored half of its functionalities.




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