Day 116 of 365:  Thankful Again


A lot of things have been bothering me lately and like a knuckle head I’d rather just ride through the wave. It is not pride, I just believe we all have what we are dealing with in our individual lives. Again I miss my mum, call me a big baby it won’t faze me.

So in all the angst and worry, I realized my problems were minute after I read the strangest of things. Someone shared a tweet in a WhatsApp group (Naija Pundits) I am a member of and it got me thanking GOD for Life.

So the tweet was about a 28 year old man who carries an artificial heart in a bag 24/7. His heart was damaged but scientists were able to manufacture a new heart for him. GOD is indeed Great.

For everytime I have complained about one little issue or the other, GOD please I take it back.

What more can I say? BLESS!!!



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