Day 101 of 365: And Then There Was X


I am back for the umpteenth time with my DMX diary. I have been called and sent messages after his death was confirmed you’d thought he was relative of mine. Those close to me knew how much I loved him.

Like I said in a post past, I reckon with his first five albums which are; It’s Dark and Hell is Hot,  Flesh of My Flesh, Blood of my Blood,  And Then There Was X,  The Great Depression and Grand Champ but my favourite of the 5 is And Then There Was X. It was also the most successful commercially and the one that got him 2 Grammy Noms.

And Then There Was X is one Album I have listened to over a 100 times without skipping a track. I can kind of say same for Its Dark and Hell is Hot and Flesh of My Flesh but And Then There Was X had tracks that were not deeply rooted with hard-core vibes. It was an album anyone can vibe with and it seemed DMX wanted to show a slightly soft side of his.

My top 5 tracks on the album are; D-X-L (Hard White), Fame, What these B**ches Want, Good Girls Bad Guys and Party Up.



  1. For me I wud say the *Ruff Ryders Anthem* (wh is a contributory part of my signature till tmr), *Party up* on a gud ear piece, *whats my name* and *Slippin*
    Basically his voice in any of his songs was it for me.

    Him and Pac were d gummy bear toppings in my coldstone ice cream.


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