Center: Best Ponmo Ever


Before I got into Uni, I never used to eat ponmo, well maybe I had once in a year or so but it wasn’t something I ate on a regular until I gained admission into the best University in Nigeria (you should know what school it is by now). My hall was called Center For The Blessed People but right in front of the hall, there was this canteen (was because I hear they left the town already) where only rice was sold and you will wonder how the business thrived by just selling rice. I thought wrong. I wasn’t fortunate to eat at the joint during my first 3 months in school because my darling cousin always cooked before I went for classes and the canteen closed at about 1 or 2pm when I was still having classes.

The day I managed to eat the food, it was a big mistake. Not that the food was crap o, I thought I was buying food from a buka in Lagos. I told the lady to sell N70 rice, N30 beans, 3 pieces of meat and 2 ponmo in a bowl while I stepped out to get a bottle of sprite. On returning, I was amazed at what she served and I repeated my order and she was like yes now, that that was how she sold it. It was so much, I wasted the meal but one revelation I got from the meal though was the ponmo. The Ponmo was so on point, it was soft an had played well in the stew. You know what I mean now. When Hitler came back from class I told him what happened and he laughed his head out, he was ,like NOBODY buys rice worth more than N20 from Center and that it was the ponmo that was the attraction.

You need to see the volume of cars that park around the area just to eat in Center, people troop in from Ijebu-igbo, Ijebu-ode, Oru and Awa (if by now you don’t know my school, then sorry o). There was a day my friend came to see me and when he was about leaving my room he told me he wanted to eat at Center before heading to Lagos so I went with him. When he was placing his order, his phone rang and as picked up he was still ordering. It was his sister that called him and he said the moment he told her he was in Center she asked him to buy N200 ponmo for her. Can you guess where she called from? I will have to tell you, she was in Lagos. He said she had never eaten Center’s ponmo before because she was in Unilag but her friends in my school always gisted her about how nice the ponmo was.

My bro also came visiting one day, though he was and still is a big fan of ponmo but I had never seen him devour ponmo like he did on this day. He didn’t buy rice he just ordered for ponmos. For all you people that say ponmo adds no nutritional value to the body, well I can say same about indomie noodles too. Though as the years rolled by the Center food got expensive but it was same everywhere around town too, and it didn’t reduce Center’s fan base except when admission into the school got tougher after a while. Center was the best food joint in that town even as it was only rice they sold, you can quote me anywhere.

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  1. Baba u just go make hungry dey catch person . Ha grandma , I miss center ooooo. Rice 20 ponmo 100. 1 coke and ur good to go for d day . Nice 1 slim swizz .

  2. I hv actually bn dyin 2drop a comment hia, ad 2search n search 4dis article! Ok. Centre’s ponmo is d best ever?! Yea rite! Might b 1 of d best o, buh u wud nid 2try out iya Dehinde’s pomo @ibadan garage in ijebu ode out 1st b4 u mk dis ur decision! Its simply smashin…same thng happned here, wen a frnd of mine DQ brought me hia I wz like wtf did u brng me2. She selles jst rice beans n dodo wif gangster pomos n 1000pages 4those dat knw dat sumpteous (I nid 2gt a dic around me nw o) part. And believ me, she’s got a 2unit of 3bedroom 4flats as at den, she wud probably hv a mansion nw. Buh, d thng is iya dehinde’s pomo is also 1of d baddst gangastrous(if dats even english o) pomo eva dat I hv eaten! And I suggest u guys try it out as well. Peace peeps!


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