Braces: The Reason Why I Can Smile (Conclusion)


Back to the matter, I was able to hide the braces for a couple of weeks until I saw my 1st ever crush FE, though a year my senior. I was walking down to the dining hall with my closest pal GL (Y’all remember the dude that helped fix my laptop? Yea we go way back like that) when I saw FE (my crush) and I couldn’t help but shine my teeth, you know how it is when you ask an old lady about her hubby, the way she would smile ehn. It was exactly like that for me. In Yoruba parlance they would say ‘ti o ba fe ri eyin arugbo, beere oko re lowo e’ (if you want to see an old woman’s teeth, just ask for her hubby). It wasn’t that FE saw the braces though, it was GL who noticed it. I felt bad I didn’t tell my closest pal about the braces. Not that he didn’t know what braces were, he was just surprised I didn’t mention it and how I was able to hide it for so long. He even said that the only reason he saw them was because I smiled when I saw FE (How could you be so predictable Dipo?). Myself and GL had our lunch in peace though I was still feeling bad not telling him about the braces.

After classes the next day, I was heading to the hostel to have pako flakes (cabin biscuits, milk, sugar and water) for lunch because I didn’t like eba and egusi which was going to be served in the dining hall. On my way I saw crushes numbers 2 and 3 (I was and still am a sucker for girls on low-cut, blame it on my mum). Both girls (IO and BA) were and still are friends, strange right? Still can’t explain how that happened but they were girls I really admired a whole lot and they were close friends. Immediately I sighted them I let the cat out of the bag and this time I was busted. BA saw it and laughed out loud saying see metal in his teeth o, I was embarrassed. IO just smiled and they both walked away. On getting to the hostel, I made up my mind to let everyone else get a glimpse of the braces though I was also thinking GL would have ratted me out. Apparently he didn’t, so it happened I let most of the boys know that afternoon. Plenty questions asked, plenty answers given. Some of the seniors vowed not to punish me or send me on errands. I didn’t know how my teeth and my hands or butt were related that I wouldn’t get flogged if I deserve to be flogged or how walking going on an errand would affect my braces. Anyway it was good for me.

The next evening during prep, one of the hottest babes in S.S 3 called me over to her table and asked me to read out a few lines from her note book. I placed the book on the table and covered my mouth with both hands. As I proceeded to read she stopped me and told me to put my hands down and read without them covering my mouth. I didn’t obey her and at this time her table members were curious about what I was hiding. She asked me to read again without my hands covering my mouth and I didn’t answer. She asked me to kneel down, which I did. I was on my knees till end of prep. After prep she told me to stand and asked me to follow her out of the hall. When we got outside and were alone, she said BA told some people in their hostel about me having some metal in my teeth. BA was a sellout, she ceased to be my crush at that moment (not that she ever knew she was my crush though). I smiled for the senior babe and questions on what are braces, what they do and how long I would have to wear them for were asked. She even said she would like to wear them sometime (OYO).

The whole school knew about the braces in no time and there was some sort of relief for me. True to Dr. D’s words with regards to my stubbornness I wore the braces for 1 and a half years and also used a retainer (some sort of removable braces) for 6months. Some people say I have a perfect set of teeth, some say they are tiny, some like it but it’s my teeth and I am glad I can shine them at any given time and yes it melted some hearts (won’t mention names, hahahaha). I was one hell of a quiet dude during my braces era though (not that I aint anymore). Thanks again to my mum for getting me to wear braces.


There you have it, my braces story. Sorry if you didn’t enjoy it but thanks for reading as always …… Stay Blessed people.

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follow on twitter @dipoogun.


  1. tiny set of teeth now, though beta dan the pre-braces era, gud for you.
    nice piece, kip it up, re-direct my holla to them okunowo(s).
    peace out swizz.

  2. Give full meanning na. Abi which one be BA, GL, OI, OS, IOS, WHO, etc wey u dey mention. Abi u no knw say some of us go fit get a clearer foto ni? Lol…Nice one boss


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