April's Best 10 and April's Worst 10


Hey guys, sorry this post is coming late. Should have put it up a bit earlier but was caught up with different activities and also there was the issue with www.dipoogun.com. April was kinda interesting on a personal note and without further ado I present to you my best 10 and worst 10 for the month of April.
Best 10
1. RED 2 (Movie) – I saw this movie 6 times in March and I have seen it twice in April already. Bruce Willis killed it for me, who would have thought a 59 year old could pull off those moves. The action scenes were mad and the driving stunt with Catherine Zeta-Jones was sick. If you haven’t seen it, please do. 10/10 rating for me. I saw other nice movies in April and they were Law Abiding Citizen, 12 Years a Slave, Losers and Olympus Has Fallen. I sure enjoyed them all.
2. Alex Ferguson: My Autobiography (Book): Was able to read this book twice. Sir Alex Ferguson is clearly the best football manager ever. This book is really interesting, well if you are a football lover you will agree.

3. Bother You (Song):
this song by the Koko Master aka D’banj aka Dapo Oyebanjo is the soundtrack to the movie Half of a Yellow Sun written by Chiamanda Adichie. Nice song though a lot of you might not agree but I love it and I can listen to it over and over again.
4. Bruce Willis (Actor): definitely had to be him. He is one of three of my favorite action heroes with the others being Jackie Chan and Jason Statham. I have been a big fan of Bruce Willis since his Die Hard and Last Man Standing days. Hell of a Great Actor and I was glad he rejected the role in Sylvester Stallone’s Expendables movie. The over 60 Movies which this German born Bruce Willis has featured in have grossed over $2.5bn which makes him the 9th highest grossing actor in a leading role. He was in the popular series Moonlighting of the 80s.

5. Helen Mirren (Actress):
this British born Academy award is a beauty I can glare at all day. I have a serious crush on her though she’s 68 you need to see pictures of her when she was much younger………. Sigh. The way she handled the guns in the movie RED (1 & 2) was amazing.

6. Liverpool (Soccer Team):
this might shock some of you just as it’s a shock to me. Sentiments aside this Merseyside team was the most in form side in Europe for the month of March through April. A very good side and this might be their year in terms of winning the Premier league though I hope not and sincerely want Chelsea or Shitty to win the title not that I like them either. Chelsea is no threat to my beloved Man Utd in terms of titles won but Liverpool is just 2 shy of United’s 20. Yea call it beef and I will gladly eat it.
7. Adam Lallana (Footballer): surprised? you shouldn’t be. This lad has been the reason Southampton’s season has been good. A call up into the English national team for the World Cup wouldn’t be bad at all.
8. Tupac (Musician): my man Phammo came through as always. He got me Tupac’s ‘All Eyes on Me’ (The double album) and I have not had enough ever since. One of the best albums ever made by one of the greatest rappers ever. Tight tracks like 2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted, Scandalous, All Eyes on Me, Life Goes On, Hearts of Men and Ambitionz as a Ridah to mention a few.
9. Suits (Series) : I haven’t seen much TV series but from the ones I have seen Suits sits conveniently at the number two spot just after Entourage, well till I re-evaluate hahahaha. It’s a law oriented TV series and a must watch. My favourite character is Harvey Specter but would give an arm to be with Donna. She’s a stunner #OkBye.

10. Best Quote :
my quote of the month is from my one time favourite rapper (DMX). Its from one of his songs in the album “Its Dark and Hell is Hot”. The quote goes thus “There’s a difference between doing wrong and being wrong”. Some deep stuff yea? Thought so too.
Worst 10

1. None (Movie):
I saw 5 movies only this month. RED 2, Law Abiding Citizen, Olympus Has Fallen, Losers and 12 Years a Slave. All five were interesting.
2. None (Book): Just read one which was Sir Alex Ferguson’s autobiography. I am presently wrapping up another one though but will reveal it next month.
3. Johny (Song): this by far is the worst song I have heard, maybe since my existence sef. Chai
4. None (Actor): I really enjoyed watching the main characters of the movies I saw this month.
5. None (Actress): none that I can think of.

6. Manchester United:
sigh my beloved team has been steady falling hands, but hopefully things will get better with the ousting of David Moyes by the Class of 92 (Ryan Giggs, Nicky Butt, Paul Scholes and Phil Neville). Yea I used the line ousting of David Moyes by the class of 92 because I saw it coming and this was just after Man Shitty beat my team in the Derby. I will explain later. lol. I feel for Messr Moyes but I just felt he wasn’t right for the job, Anyway Manchester United manager role don enter hin CV already.

7. Maroune Fellaini (Worst Player):
can they sell this dude already? He should have just left with Moyes….. Sigh
8. Yemi Alade (Musician): I mean what kind of song is that Johny song? Shizzy, to make matters worse Sound City plays it everyday and three times on Sundays. Sad my African King of Comedy Bovi made an appearance.
9. Arrow: I don’t know what its all about and I don’t care.
10. Worst Quote: I have been hearing this all my life but never been a believer of it. The quote goes thus “Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are”. Heard it again recently and to me it’s bollocks, I don’t know what your take is.
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