Andreas Iniesta…………………….. The best player on the face of the Earth


I said it. It’s no joke and yes na for my mind. This guy is so amazing. His ball skills are out of this world. I am not a fan of his team, infact I despise both his teams (Barcelona and Spain). Barca has beaten United in two Champions league finals (2009 and 2011), kini big deal? Head to head all time there isn’t much of a difference. That’s if Man Utd isn’t even better. And my favourite national team (England) beat Spain just before the Euros *tongue out*.  Back to the topic of discussion, Iniesta or Ini-Go as I choose to call him was named the best player in Europe just after the UEFA champions league draws on Thursday (30/08/2012). No surprise for me. My friends and family know how highly I rate this lad. I have always said he is the best player in the world just ahead of Rooney (laughing my head out).
I saw the look on Messi’s face when Iniesta was announced winner of the award and it wasn’t a pleasant one. Well that was what I saw. Anyway I am happy somebody other than Messi won. Like Deji Omotoyinbo of Sports Express  said the day after the award “Iniesta wa laja”. Simply put Iniesta came to put the rivalry between Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi to bed. Anyway for now.
Iniesta caught my fancy at the 2010 world cup. He had a fantastic tournament and he scored the winner for Spain in the final against the Netherlands. How Messi was crowned player of the year that year beats me. Even Wesley Sneidjer of Netherlands and Inter Milan had a better year than Messi. I respect Messi a lot but I am not a fan (for obvious reasons, CR7).  Hmmmm if Canavaro was picked ahead of Pirlo in 2006, then anything can happen in football these days.
Iniesta is so respected that even fans of Barcelona’s local rivals (Espanyol) give him standing ovations when he comes off the pitch. This guy is truly amazing and deserves respect. Congratulations to Andreas Iniesta, I can only hope he is crowned best player in the world come December.


  1. C Ron had the bad belle look and not Messi who hugged Iniesta. Iniesta got standing ovation even in Madrid cos he scored the winning goal @WC2010. Nuff said!


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