A LEGEND bows out


This is one piece of news I wasn’t expecting. I knew the day would come when he had retire but I didn’t know it was going to come so soon. Its no longer news Sir Alex Ferguson is the greatest football manager there ever was and a fantastic life coach too. What however is news is his imminent retirement from football. Yes its news because we all thought he was going to be Man Utd’s manager till his dying day.
Sir Alex Ferguson became manager of the Red Devils on the 6th of November 1986 and till date he has been the most decorated manager in British history. He won the Premier League 13 times, the FA cup 5 times, the Champions league 2ce, world club cup 1ce, league cup 4 times, the UEFA cup winners cup 1ce and the Community Shield 10 times but shared 1 with Liverpool in 1990 (both teams shared the trophy for 6months each). His biggest achievement would come in 1999 where he won the treble consisting of the league, the champions league and the FA cup.
Sir Alex also won a lot of individual awards such as League Manager of the decade (1990s), manager of the season (10 times), manager of the month (27 times), FIFA Presidential award (2011), World Soccer Magazine Manager of the year (4 times) to mention a few. He has a statue of him erected outside the Theatre of Dreams at Old Trafford and he also has a stand named after him in the stadium. He was quoted as saying ” his greatest challenge was knocking Liverpool off their perch”. Well he sure did knock them off their perch.
The greatest challenge Manchester United would be facing is replacing this legend. I hear he is taking up an ambassdorial role and a position as a director with Man Utd. This is an added pressure for whoever that would be coming in to replace him. You will always see you predecessor whenever you report to work. Now who is bold enough to step into Fergie’s shoes? Even as big as Shaquille O’neal’s feet are they wouldn’t fit. Rumour has it that it could Jose Mourinho or David Moyes.
Quite frankly there are no names in my head as at the time of putting this post up but if I was to pick between Mourinho or Moyes, I would settle for Moyes. I prefer Moyes because he has done well to make Everton a top 6 side with a really tight budget. I also believe he is a big fan of bringing players from the youth set up. No disrespect to ‘the special one’ or is it ‘the only one’ Mourinho calls himself these days. Only time will tell who succeeds Sir Alex the GREAT.
Don’t be surprised if Sir Alex does a U-turn like Paul Scholes did and return to the United set up. I can only wish this man all the best in his future endeavours though I hate to see him leave. His 1499th and 1500th games before he finally calls it quits would be against Swansea at home (United would be handed the EPL trophy on this ) and Westbrom on the 12th and 19th May 2013 respectively.
Thank you for your time………. There’s only one UNITED and it is MANCHESTER UNITED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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