3 years gone: Miss You OMOWUNMI JU GOLD LO


Anytime thoughts of you creep up (It does daily), IcePrince Zamani’s song ‘Find You’ is always playing in my head. I truly wish I could find you all over again darling mum. You were the friend I had not because everyone turned their back on me but because I could open up to you, tell you anything without holding back any words. You always listened and whenever I was off track you didn’t have to say a word to draw me back in line. You were a rock I could always lean on. You always had the right words to say, your smile always had a way of lighting up my world and when I wasn’t with you and I was upset or sad all I needed to do was to remember that smile and everything will seem right.  I always loved to see that diastema you had, it was beautiful. Its all different now as I can only remember your voice and not have a convo with you at will anymore. Sigh

I still remember that 5th day of January, 2011 which was the last time I saw that amazing smile of yours. I didn’t believe it was the last time we were going to see. You surprised me by coming to see me in Aberdeen from Nigeria on the morning of my birthday. Seeing you that day brought tears of joy to my eyes. You made that day special and before you left for the U.S on the 5th of January you prepared that awesome spaghetti you always made for us (your many boys). Nobody does spag better. I remember one day back in school (Diploma days), I called you at about 4pm that I was coming home just to eat spaghetti, my friends that were around me thought I was crazy until they saw me take a bike to the garage. On my way all I heard from my friends was “you must bring that spaghetti for us”. I told you and you sorted them.

Its been 3 years since you left us mum but it feels like yesterday. 3 years I got that call that you were no more, 3 years of not having a conversation with you, 3 years of not holding you, 3 years of not sharing that occasional movie, 3 years of not harassing me to go to the dentist, 3 years of you not being there to make sure I ate right. I was with your grandson last weekend and he said “I wish grandma was here, she’s the best”, I almost cried but I couldn’t cry in front of an 8 year old boy. I am sure he sensed how I felt. We miss you very much mum and I wish yourself and dad were still here with us. Keep watching over us and I am thankful for the brothers GOD gave me through you. Your daughters -in-law have also been blessings to the family and your siblings and their families have been wonderful. Sleep on MUM, your baby boy (as you always called me) loves you.

Thank you for your time peeps……………………………………… BLESS!!!

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