20 Years & Just 1 Fight


images 4The first time I saw him was when we were about to write the Common Entrance exam and looking back now I have no regrets. He was one of those guys you see and disliked instantly and in all fairness all he did was make friends with all he came in contact with on the day. He was the cool dude, I was the quiet one. I couldn’t wait for the exams to be over so I could just go home and forget ever seeing him. We finished exams and boy was I glad.
Many months later I got admission into one of Naija’s IVY league schools for my Secondary School education (Lagos State Model College Igbonla, Epe). I got to school on a Monday evening, it was just after the mid-term break. I arranged my stuff and went for night prep with my cousin. I obviously didn’t know people that were in my set though I had already made friends with my big cousin’s (Big Yomz) friends who were in SS3. I sat with the big boys for prep that night and the feeling was immeasurable. The next morning I had my bath and dressed up, I was still feeling fly and ignored the bell for breakfast. It was during assembly I knew who my mates were and then I froze seeing him again. Yes the same dude from the Common Entrance exam day. Instantly I was praying that he shouldn’t be in my class, but GOD had other plans.
We were both in JS 1c and he was already a class favourite. He got the nickname Torino after beating all the guys in arm wrestling, well except me. Not that I beat him, I was just too proud to arm wrestle him, hehehehehe. Truth be told I knew he would have won if I went up against him so I played it safe. As time flew by, we became close and as a matter of fact GB and I became best of friends just after we found out that his dad and my mum were colleagues in LUTH (may both their souls continually rest in perfect peace). We always fetched water together, got ready for classes together, sometimes I slept in his room and sometimes he slept in mine, went for breakfast, lunch and dinner together except on days I didn’t like the meal served. There was this day in JS 2 when one dude said something about if two people slept on the same bed backing themselves they tend to have a physical fight the next day. That was the biggest piece of crap I had heard at the time.
One night myself and GB slept on the same bed, not because of what the dude said but because we slept off reading for an exam we had the next day. We woke up, did the usual and I asked him to lend me his pair of fancy slippers because my sandals were bad. He gladly did not knowing that the pair of slippers would lead to a fight. I can’t really recall what got him upset but I remember it had something to do with the slippers. A certain senior that was in the class where we were preparing for the exam was fueling the beef till myself and GB got physical. We hit ourselves throwing series of punches at each other and a few pushes here and there till we were caught by a certain Agricultural Science teacher. That was the wrongest person you would want to get into trouble with. This man took us to the Vice-Principal’s office and told her we were fighting. She simply told him to handle us and this man beat, he beat the hell out of us. That wasn’t the funny part. Immediately he was done beating us, you wouldn’t believe myself and GB hugged ourselves and said we would never fight each other again. It was like a scene from a Zeb Ejiro flick.
I have known GB for 20 years and that was the only fight, beef or serious argument we have ever had. Hard to believe but it’s so true. You wanna know who won that fight? I did of course, how would GB have beaten me? lol.  Let me be honest the fight ended in a draw but if we were given an extra minute GB would have knocked me to canvas. 20 friends might not be able to play for 20 years but this my friend and I have played for 20 years and we still have many more years to spend together as friends, brothers and blood in good health and wealth.
Thanks for your time people and stay BLESSED!!!
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  1. Ds man say the truth, you are just friends with him because you dnt want him to beat you again! lol

  2. Whoever the GB is, I’m sure he’ll be quite glad to read this article.
    I met one of my best friends in a similar way. When he got a transfer to my primary school, I never liked him one. I think he didn’t like me too, so the hatred was mutual.
    Many days (or months) down the line, we became best friends. His younger brother also became my younger brother’s best friend!
    And we all still are in touch till this day.

  3. i tried asking who GB was but wordpress said my comment was too short,so i decided to ask again but this time with an epistle in front of it,i hope they wont say my comment is too long this time. Who is GB?


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