It’s good to see the Gunners banging in goals like it’s out of fashion. Not surprised though. I still maintain that it’s the Steve Bould effect, because they have always been a good attacking side but weak defensively (since Tony Adams left). Now all that has changed because Steve Bould has made that defence look impenetrable. For now at least. However does this mean they will not lose at all this season or they will win all trophies available? I don dey fear these boys o. Lost my bet when Giroud scored the 1st goal against Conventry in the Capital One cup on Wednesday night. I had predicted he wasn’t going to score till December. Technically I think my prediction is still on point jor. Were you there when I said it? Hahahahahaha, perhaps I think I was refering to the league games when I said so. Big ups to the Gooners. Nice game. Arsenal beat Conventry 6-1. Enemies una dey say na Conventry dem beat abi? Is it not the opponent handed to them they will play? Arsenal fans dont get caught up in my defence for your team, I still hate your team. #Word.
There is still only one UNITED. Manchester United definitely. The young side played some impressive footie against Newcastle. The backline was made up of youngsters, but I will give special mentions to this trio on the night; Tom Cleverly, Anderson and Chicharito. Apparently they didn’t do anything special but they reminded me of the Man Utd I used to support. Newcastle United was no soft meat, but the Red Devils held their own. Glad Fletcher is back and Rooney too. Anderson and Cleverly took their goals well. Though Cleverly missed what I would describe as a sitter in the 1st half. United led 2-0 until the introduction of Papis Cisse who scored a consolatory goal for Newcastle just a minute after coming on. The dude got me scared. He even hit the crossbar. The game ended 2-1. #HappyAndThankful. Now we face Spurs today. Choi. Well we have always been their boss. No shaking.
Chelsea thrashed Wolves 6-0 and Man City was knocked out of the Capital One cup by one of my favourite English teams (Aston Villa). Villa beat Shitty 4-2 at the Ethihad stadium. It’s funny how porous the City defence has become. They have conceded 16 goals and scored 17 in all competitions. #sloppydefending. See me wey dey yab person. Na only 2 clean sheets we get. Not bothered about other results in the Capital one cup jare (No disrespect).
Juventus still unbeaten in 44 league games. Arsenal’s 49 games unbeaten record is around the corner. Another team catching my fancy now is the Falcao led Athletico Madrid. They have started the season well. Write them off at your peril. Chelsea knows best. I see Athletico Madrid in the Champions league next season.
I have decided to add a twist to my predictions by going up against anybody I want. E fit be you o. This weekend I would be going against one of my role models and brother. I call him Big Yomz. Big Yomz is also a Man Utd fan. I asked him a few questions too.
Me: Who is your favourite football player?
BY: David Beckham
Me: If you were not supporting Man Utd, what team would you be rooting for?
BY: Real Madrid
Me: What other sport really catches your fancy asides footie?
BY: Basketball
Me: I am not surprised at all. His height says it all (He is 6feet 8inches tall)
BY: Laughs
Me: Who would regard as your hero in sports?
BY: Zinedine Zidane
Me: Huh? The head butt guy?
BY: Laughs uncontrollably
Me: Quite frankly he is one of my heroes too, but just after Eric ‘the red’ Cantona.
BY: Well they are both French innit? (Lol).
Here are our predictions for this weekend’s EPL games. Big Yomz’ own on top, mine below.
Arsenal Vs Chelsea
Man Utd Vs Totenham
Everton Vs Southampton
Fulham Vs Man City
Norwich Vs Liverpool
Reading Vs Newcastle
Stoke Vs Swansea
Sunderland Vs Wigan
Aston Villa Vs Westbrom
QPR Vs Westham
There you have it folks. Have a fabulous weekend.


  1. nice write up bro but wetin they surprise me be say u hate writing na.. wellvilla beat us e no mara we knw need the cup jare na ucl our eyes they for and i cant wait to be on the hot seat… big ups

  2. You no go respect yourself abi?Giroud no dey collect salary abi?why e no go score?Gone till November ni!! I think fulham will get at least a draw against shitty!and of course Arsenal will beat Chelsea!!Buy dey. Respect yourself!! Cheers!!

  3. Yeye boi..who likes Man U̶̲̥̅̊ as well shior….As an arsenal fan we just have to keep ι̥t simple and solid at D̶̲̥̅̊ back and chelsea is dead..@big Yomz U̶̲̥̅̊ kno get believe say we go kill dem forget about dem been unbeaten joor..and Mγ̲̣̣̥ prediction is 2-0..with all D̶̲̥̅̊ scandal in serie Α̲̅,it makes me lose interest in the league wish juve the best…

  4. Frankly ,with d impressive form of arsenal I can’t really predict d outcome of chelsea arsenal match tday.chelsea is not yet balanced with deir playing pattern as dey are trying to play free flowing football unlike d defensive pattern dey are known 4.its a transformation process for the team and arsenal on the oda hand are kinda balanced as dey keep their tapping pattern which dey are used too.any way honestly I want chelsea to suprise me


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