10 Super Eagles and A Stupid Bird


Well I am sure you can tell who the stupid bird is from the post’s title because I might not mention his name. This post might contain errors, please bear with me I wasn’t in the right frame of mind when I was writing. Thank you in anticipation.
I hardly see the Super Eagles dominate in big games like this and I don’t care what the stats of other football writers or football bodies read but Nigeria bullied France in their 2nd round game of the on going World Cup. Nigeria matched the French side as a matter of fact scratch that, the Super Eagles dominated Le Bleus and though they didn’t get the desired result I can say I am proud of Stephen Keshi’s boys. You know me now, I support England but I have been a Keshi fan all my life. Truth be told I will be a fan of any member of the Super Eagles squad of 1994 that coaches the national team.
I loved the Eagles approach to the game and I had my objections on Yobo’s inclusion in the team but I was like hey if Mikel can make the team then why should Yobo be left out. I always have a soft spot for at least two players in any team I watch or support and going into this World Cup my favourite Super Eagles’ players were Ogenyi Onazi and Emmanuel Emenike even though I still hold a grudge with Keshi for not taking Nosa Igiebor to the World Cup (like say Keshi sabi me, lol).
Without mincing words Onazi bossed the midfield during the short time he spent on the pitch and I wondered what the hype about French players’ Blaise Matuidi and Paul Pogba’s was all about. I will not dwell on the game’s stats or what happened I am just using this platform to praise the 10 players and separate them from one stupid boy. All four games Nigeria played at this World Cup had this clown in the starting line up and he had no impact whatsoever. He was supposed to be our star man for crying out loud but was anonymous in all four games well except the game against Bosnia where he picked up a yellow card and after that nothing else.
Well this is my note on today’s game, the French team came with a game plan which was take out Nigeria’s major threat who was Onazi and when I say take out I mean force him out by hurting him till he wouldn’t be able to carry on with the game. Now this is where I blame Yobo the captain of the Super Eagles and Stephen Keshi too. Yobo should have at least being in the face of the referee when Matuidi stamped on Onazi and Keshi should have let his presence be felt by cornering the fourth official when all the French scheme was going on. I think the Eagles were too soft on the day but I don’t blame them, they weren’t set up to play dirty.
The moment Onazi was taken off due to injury, the world knew he was the most important player in the Nigerian team. The French plotted Onazi’s exit really well, it was like a scene in a mafia movie. The approach the French side adopted was similar to the one the Italians used against the Super Eagles at the 1994 World Cup in USA. The Azzuris ensured our danger men (Emmanuel Amunike and Daniel Amokachi) didn’t complete the game by hacking them at will leading to be substituted. Nigeria eventually lost that game to Italy 2-1 with Roberto Baggio’s brace canceling out Emmanuel Amunike’s 7th minute goal (hope I got that right).
There’s nothing anybody can tell me, the French planned Onazi’s exit and it worked for them. I am proud of the 10 Super Eagles initially employed to execute the game against France today and if not for that stupid bird, I am sure we would have made it through to the quarter finals.
Oh yea Nigeria lost to France 2-0 today just in case you didn’t know. Pogba (after having a quiet game) scored the 1st for the French and a Yobo own goal wrapped up the game.
Well done Super Eagles, even though I am not always there I am so proud of you. Congrats to Joseph Yobo on hitting the big 100 in terms of international caps (First Nigerian to play international 100games) though it’s reported he’s quitting the National team (Thank God). Not a good way to sign off. I also hear Keshi resigned (I hope this isn’t true oooo).
Thanks guys for your time. Stay BLESSED !!!
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  1. True, our game went sour afta Onazi was substituted due 2 dat red card tackle by Matuidi, my opinion, we played wel, we played France 4 Christ sake nt Tahiti, Y R peeps complainin so bad, England, Spain din’t even C 2nd round

  2. Mikel is obviously that “…bird” :D. It’s an open secret!
    Okay Dipps, who deserves a greater blame? Mikel that didn’t play up to expectation or the coach (the “C-in-C”) that repeatedly fielded him and never appeared confident, courageous & tactically-sound enough to pull him out and change game plans once it became obvious that he (Mikel) wasn’t clicking well in the tourney?
    Mikel performed below par. No doubt. By the way, every player has his own off days.
    Questions: Who kept him playing on the pitch for that long? Mikel himself?

    • Hahahahahaha… Good point Lanre and yes he should have been taken off but if you look at the bench was there anyone who could step up? I blame the C-IN-C for not taking Nosa Igiebor and I think I mentioned this in the post. Thanks for reading.

  3. D bird dere 4me is Mikel Obi…2me he performed below all d hype bou him! He shud b given d nos 48 instead of d prestigious no10 he is adornin! I would hv also prefer Amoebi start n Moses come in as a super sub! Keshi lacked tact in my own opinion! And again Nigerian players dint protest 4 d 2penalties n a red card we deserved against France…mayb its bcos we r used 2d sufferin n smilin syndrom!

  4. Yes Dipps,
    We share the same opinion on his sub selection. It was seriously warped.
    The strength of any team is as good as its bench.
    That obviously came to the fore when our top players weren’t performing and we couldn’t throw in better players for them. Musa shouldn’t have played the full match. Likewise Moses (Little wonder he sat out almost the entire season for R.Sterling).
    Anyway, let’s save our strength in flogging, the horse is dead now.
    On to the next programme – briefly but strongly supporting the Germans in their next match – I have a ‘personal’ score to settle with one national team. 🙂


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