While I Was Away


The 10th of March 2015 was the first time I saw a Soldier drive a Honda Accord a.k.a End of Discussion. I was on the Island, Walter Carrington precisely when I saw this uniformed man pull out of the parking lot just after the U.S. Embassy.

The 8th of March, 2015 was the first time I drove all the way to Ajah (Awoyaya) all by myself. I went to see my friend from Uni days and I enjoyed the ride.

Oh why was I telling you all that? I just felt like. It’s been a long minute people and I want to apologize for the long hiatus. I really have no excuse and I hope I would be forgiven. I just want to point out certain things I have been up to all this while. So let’s tag it while I was away.

While I was away:

  1. I read a book written by my friend Olubunmi Familoni titled “Smithereens of Death” 
  2. I won the February edition of The Sports Yarn Airtel League Challenge (not doing so well in March though)
  3. I saw 5 movies; John Wick (Keanu Reeves), Interview (Seth Rodgen) St Vincent (Bill Murray) Taken 3 (Liam Neeson) and 30 Days in Atlanta(Ayo Makun). My favorite of the lot was John Wick
  4. Taking part in Lent
  5. Moved up a few places in the Fantasy league. Currently 4th out of 12 teams in the league I am I represent (Show Dem Camp). Hoping to finish in the top 3 come May.
  6. Restricted my jogging to only Sundays because of Lent
  7. Watched my MANCHESTER UNITED get kicked out of FA Cup (The only realistic chance of a trophy this season)
  8. I lost a few kilos (refer to points 4 and 6)
  9. Found my lost brother Stan the Man. Not seen him since the turn of the year
  10. The best chat room in the whole of the planet (Naija Pundits) had a Twitter account. It’s @TheNaijaPundits and you should follow them. #ThankMeLater
  11. My boss inspired me to come back to writing. #NoHomo

Thanks for your continued support guys. Stay BLESSED and have a fabulous weekend.

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  1. While U were away
    1.I also saw 3 movies; Interview , Taken 3. Ur fav (John Wick) is wot I will be watching tonite
    2.Restricted my jogging to only Sundays only because of whr I leav now & proximity to wrk (Used to jog once evry 2days before)
    3. Also watched my MANCHESTER UNITED get kicked out of FA Cup (The only realistic chance of a trophy this season)
    4.Added and lost back a few kilos,
    LOL, welcome bck


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