Was Mikel Robbed?


For a minute I thought the GLO CAF awards was a hoax after Yaya Toure was named African Player of the year. I took to twitter to vent and some of my friends agreed Mikel deserved it while some didn’t agree. Let me be clear about my thoughts on this issue. If I was a football manager and asked to acquire the services of one of Mikel or Yaya, without blinking I will pick Yaya. I am not a fan of Mikel and I would love Yaya Toure in my team, I will pick him over Mikel everyday and even 3 times on Sunday.
Now I usually don’t look forward to these awards anymore and I didn’t even know Yaya Toure won the award in the last two years before picking up a third award last night. We keep changing standards when it comes to these awards and now I am beginning to think only French speaking players will continue to win this award for a long while. Since my day one of watching football it is players from a tournament winning teams that are crowned or named best player of that particular year.
In the year 2013, Yaya’s team didn’t make it out of its Champions league group unfortunately for Mikel too his team crashed out of the group stage but dropped into the Europa league and his Chelsea side won the tournament with him playing a vital role. Yaya’s team was beaten by Wigan in the FA Cup final and Mikel’s team didn’t make it that far. Now Mikel won the the Orange African Cup of Nations with Nigeria and even beat Yaya’s team (favourites for the trophy) in the quarter finals. Mikel bossed the midfield in that particular game, yes he did and was named amongst the best players of the tournament. I can’t even believe I am fighting for Mikel, I don’t like him and I hate his team but hey I am trying to be objective. If Messi was named player of the year in 2010 then anything can happen jare.
I knew Mikel wasn’t going to win the award after Nigeria had cleared almost all the categories they were nominated in and the moment Sunday Oliseh (one of the hosts on the night and ex Nigerian International player) said no heart attacks. I also had a problem with the Selected African XI. Come on no Nigerian in defense? Geoffrey Oboabona was a monster (ask Drogba).
I wouldn’t say Mikel was robbed but the standard for football awards generally have dropped drastically. Shout out to D’banj for a wonderful performance and Lagbaja too killed the show with his performance. I will like to pardon P-Square for their performance, I think Mikel not winning (I hear he is their friend) the player of the year award affected them in a way. The P-Square I know would have done better.
Thanks for your time and do have a wonderful weekend.
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  1. I dnt like Mikel as well buh he deserves it ova Yaya last year…cn u belive it cote d’vore no even dy nominated 4d best team yet, a playa 4m der won?! Dats daylight robbery! Like u said football awards hv dropped drastically n dat I concur (I hv gotten d spellin). Anywyz, congrats 2d winner and I op C Ronaldo wins dis yrs ballon d’or if blatter no won hear am hot!!! Do hv a rockin friday(if I cn say dat). Cheers peeps!

  2. Yaya deserved the award hands down.. no better African player last year. In my opinion, Messi deserved it in 2010 too.. best player that year by a mile. It’s a “best player” award not “best player in team that won things” award. That said, Mikel wasn’t even close to being Chelsea’s best player in 2013. Yaya was City’s best player and in a team of that quality, that’s saying a lot.

    • @Moyo P point taken. Canavarro wasn’t the best player in 2006, Ronaldo De Lima wasn’t the best player in 2002 and dese dudes just played well in 7 games and were crowned best players on the face of the earth at d time.

  3. There’s really no standard. Voting can’t guarantee objectivity. By the way, Yaya is versatile, i.e. Defensive, central or attacking midfielder. Finally, Yaya can do all Mikel can do, plus a lot more. Cheers bro

  4. That’s it! You’ve rightly noted: “…standards for football awards have dropped drastically.”
    The standards are falling because the organisers of these awards (FIFA, CAF, UEFA, etc) are not doing a good job of listing out distinct criteria for the selection of winners thus giving ample room for people to vote with a lot sentiment (club versus country performance, trophies won, Franco versus Anglo affiliation, etc).
    My opinion is that awards like this should be based on individual performance than trophies/matches won.
    As for me sha, Sunday Mba & Emenike gave me more thrilling shows than Mikel (again, MY opinion) at the AFCON 2013 & Oduamadi at the ConFed Cup. Can’t comment much about his imapct at Chelsea when they won the UEFA cup – but I don’t think he was as superbly influential as you’re painting here.
    Now, subject Yaya to the same condition, strip him bare of the contirbution of his team mates, and let me know if he’s by miles not better than Mikel.
    With the exception of defending, mention any skill that Mikel possesses as a midfielder & let’s check if Yaya doesn’t have almost double of that same skill.
    Going all Bal’d’hor now, why do you think it’s Ronaldo that deserves the award over Ribery? Shebi Ribery won trophies (like Mikel) and Ronaldo did not (like Yaya) abi? Oya, kuku carry d award gif Ribery nah!

    • @Lanre if Ribery wins it fine but for me Robben was a better player and stl wouldn’t be surprised if Messi wins it but CR 7 is my winner …….. Damn the damn awards. Thanks for reading


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