I don’t know if it’s only me but there’s that one thing or couple of things you don’t like for no reason in particular. You just don’t like them. Thursday is one of those things for me. I don’t have any love whatsoever for this day well except if it’s a huge pay day.

I so much dislike this day that it’s evident in my appearance, I wear my least favourite clothes (including under wears) on this day. Now I can’t trace when my hatred for this day started but I know it replaced Monday on my hate list. Oh it could be when I had my first carry over in Uni. Thursday wasn’t the day I wrote the exam but the day I received the result of that exam was a Thursday. I will never forget that course (GRP 204). It was Statistics (I hate figures, except money related figures going into my pocket). Carry over?

Yes I did have carry overs, 3 of them in my entire Uni stay (diploma n bsc combined) and they were all in my 200level. I never bragged about being very brilliant or did I? If my birthday falls on a Thursday it would sure be a good day though but I would push my engagement day to Friday (if ever the lucky girl walks by, lol).
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  1. Well, 4me thursdys are love days…dats wen I really get 2get my groove on (if u knw what I mean). Jst on sum exceptional dyz dat it looks bleak 4no jst reason, buh, I still try 2mk d best out of it… Ehen, let me add dis 2reaffirm thursdy as a luv day. If thursday is not a luv dy den y on earth do people gt married on thursdys? Aha! D prt I do concur wif (op I got d spellin rite) is I do wear my least fav cloths n boxers2 on thursdys if I’m not gamed 4d dy dat is! All in all try 2shw sum luv on thursdys or beta stil get sum luv on thursdys. Do hv a luvly thursdys peeps…Cheers peeps!

  2. I totally get what u r saying cos I hv dis same dislike for odd numbers,if I increase d tv’s volume,I hv to increase it to an even nos.let me stop here b4 my comment bcms a post *big grin*

  3. Hehehehe! I get dull on thursdays too mine started when ACN governor imposed sanitation till 10am every thursday it really dropped sales & till now thursdays sale are dull.
    But Ψђåt I hate the most is the question “Ψђåt did Ɣou eat?” Awww. Of wt biz of urs is it…lool!


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