The Weekend


I was to hook up with Damz and a buddy after work on Friday. I left the office 6.15pm for the Island to hook up with TA and Damz.  I got to TA’s place and we both played the waiting game chilling for Damz. Damz got off work at about 7.50pm and we headed to the Palms because he needed to get stuff. Unfortunately the Game where he wanted to get stuff from were closing just when he was about to walk in. The night was still young and we pondered on what to do when we were driving out of the Palms. We agreed to go to Shaunz Bar and on getting there the place was packed but we still went in. It was Karaoke night and I know these days Karaoke is funnier than comedy shows.

We ordered a bottle of JD and coke to go with it and whilst drinking we were treated to some horrible singing. It was only one person of the multitude that performed that could really sing. We left Shaunz Bar at about 10.30pm and I must say I had fun as did Damz and TA. We dropped TA off and on our way Damz was like we should head to Road Runners. On getting to RR it was a no show in our opinion and we just went home.

Myself and Damz left home for the airport because he was going to Abuja and his flight was for 8am. We got there at about 6.43am and I was thinking I would make it home by 7am before Sanitation started. I thought wrong, I was stuck at the airport exit till 7.05am. The OP MESA guys were having their routine parade which caused a stand still for about 20 minutes.  My next move was going to be crucial. What was I going to do? Big bro had called me to just drive back into the airport and chill. TA gave me the chills, she bluntly said I would get caught by the Environmental Police. I made the decision to drive home, immediately the road was free I sped off. A million and one things were running through my head. Should I go to GB’s house in Oshodi, should I head to Naughty T’s place in Pedro, why not just head to Dr. Evil’s end or better still risk it and go home.

On getting to Gbagada area I missed the turn to Naughty T’s place so I was left with the option of going to Dr. Evil’s end or go home. On driving past Charly Boy bus stop, I saw some men chilling and I figured they were men of the law. I drove past and made a turn at Lanre Awolokun street then parked the car. When I got out of the car I saw some guys being chased by the Environmental Police, I just walked into the mechanic village behind Grace High School (there was a path there that led to Dr. Evil’s) and strolled down to Dr. Evils place. I was there till past 10am. I went to pick up my car and head home to nap a little. When I was fully awake I hooked up with  TA (very correct person) again, she was with her little niece. We went to Unilag together to drop stuff for my colleague. After TA dropped me off at home, I went to watch my beloved Man Utd’s game with my person L2ce. By the way I wonder what you champagne lovers see in it. That thing is a waste jor.

Glad we won the game despite that moment of madness from my favourite Manchester United player. At this point I was starving and guess who turned up again? TA of course my real nigga till we die, lol. We went to Naughty T’s place where I had my eba and okro. After watching the North London Derby (Arsenal Versus Tottenham Hotspurs) and downing a few bottles of orijin, TA took me home.

Started kind of slow too but after cleaning up my room, I had my bath and guess where I headed to? Naughty T’s place. It seems to be my second home. I snoozed for a while after catching up with Tinsel (Omnibus), yes I watch Tinsel and I love it. I woke up to have lunch. What did I eat? Wait for it. Eba and okro. Won fi se mi (dem take am do me). I saw Enemy of the State, About Last Night and Transporter 2 before going home. I didn’t even watch any football match today. Strange but true.
For me it was a fun weekend except for Aston Villa’s loss to Chelsea. Everything seemed cool. Sorry for the long break guys and thanks for always showing me love………………. BLESS Y’ALL !!!

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  1. “For me it was a fun weekend except for Aston Villa’s loss to Chelsea…”
    Hehehehehhe…BB is not good for your health. Lol


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