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I seem to be on some sort of a roll at the moment o. This is my third post in less than 7 days woohoo. I hope it continues this way though.

This has to be the most difficult thing I have ever been asked to write. Ordinarily I wouldn’t have written this if I wasn’t desperate to get a job at the time I was asked to write it. It was my first day of training in a company I joined in 2012 and the take home assignment was come to class the next morning with a written Obituary of yourself. I could hear the response of GOD forbid in people’s minds. The facilitator dismissed us. Just before we were leaving class a guy clearly stated that he wasn’t going to write it while the rest of us pondered on what to write (well I figured). I was hoping it was a joke and on my way home the thought of what to write kept creeping in asking myself if this woman was for real. On getting home I just had dinner and went to bed without even writing anything.

I woke up the next morning and still didn’t bother to write anything and headed out for the day’s training session. I got there early and I saw people scribbling down something to submit. The dude who had said he wasn’t writing it still didn’t bother. I decided to give it some thought and I came up with something that read “ We are sad to announce the death of a great brother, friend, father and a husband who gave his all for his family and friends.” That was it. We were waiting for the Facilitator to come and pick up our Obituaries. Sadly she did come to collect them and scolded the dude who refused to write his. The sad thing is till date nothing has been said about the Obituary.

So if you were asked to write your Obituary would you? I hear your GOD forbid already (lol).

Thanks for your time people…………………. Stay BLESSED !!!

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  1. What will i say?
    Well, Jesus already died for all my sins
    With gratitude to a well fulfilled life on earth,
    i hereby announce the death of a mentor, bro, guardian, father who showed and taught us how to love, kindness and be our brothers keeper etc.
    To God be the glory for washing away all my sins.


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