The Man Utd Crisis and Aaron Ramsey


No excuse for the past couple of premiership results, we were just classless, clueless and yeah we have a near confused manager thinking he can steady the ship. Liverpool should be ashamed losing the Carling Cup tie to us. The genesis of my beloved team’s issue was noticed last season because we didn’t play too well but grinded out results (I call that purposely soccer), no doubt we won the league thanks to the master himself Sir Alex Ferguson who has in depth knowledge of the league and always having the ability to bounce back from a terrible season. If you remember we lost the league on goals difference in 2012 and what did the then Gaffer do? He bought the EPL’s best striker at the time (not that I was overtly pleased) and the rest they say is history. We won the league 11 points ahead of our local rivals as a matter of fact like a month before the league ended. Oh it wasn’t up to a month? Person wey dem born for December 1982 still take 1 year old pass person wey dem born January 1983 abeg. We won the league on the 22nd of April 2013 and the league ended 12th of May 2013. Oh for those that don’t know the team I have been talking about as I have been using “my” and “we” like say my papa get shares for the club its Manchester United o.
I will still cut Messr Moyes aka ‘The Chosen One’ (laughing hysterically) some slack because Mr. Woodward I heard was the one handling player negotiations hence the reason we could manage to sign only Maroune Fellaini. He stalled on all transfer targets United had in the summer and negotiated terribly on players who were willing to come over to the team as in the case of the joint bid for Fellaini and Leighton Baines (28million pounds at first before a 36million pound bid was finally rejected for both players). This wouldn’t have happened if Ferguson was still around and now it feels like David Gill (previous Man Utd Chief Executive) and Sir Alex (former United Manager) intentionally left so the club could be ruined. I mean how did we let both of them leave in one summer? If top quality players like Ander Herrera, Arturo Vidal, Marcos Reus or llkay Gundogan were decently approached they would have been wonderful additions to the side.
The defence is getting worse and Mr. Moyes Rio was a year younger last year and never got to play 5 games in a row, why stress the dude now? I understand Fellaini is some sort of partner for Carrick (who for me has been the best Man Utd player over the last 2 seasons) to take off some pressure off him but he (Fellaini) hasn’t stepped up yet in any form though he had a better game than Yaya Toure in the 4-1 mauling from Man Shitty *watch the game again, hahaha*. Maybe he needs more time. Ashley Young? That dude is miles the worst player in the squad and he gets a look in ahead of Kagawa. Moyes what has Shinji Kagawa done to you? Ashley Young is just slightly better than Bebe. Nani should play more though I hate to see him and Wayne Rooney on the pitch at the same time. It looks like they hate each other and I know one day Rooney will beat him up on the pitch. Chicharito is one United player I love but its sad we have Van Persie and Rooney (for now). I hope we don’t lose the lad due to lack of playing time. The team is surely in crisis, I mean losing back to back premier league games? Come on cant remember when that happened last.
We lost 4-1 to Shitty and Rooney scored our only goal, we lost 2-1 at home to Westbrom on Saturday(1st time in 36 years) and Rooney scored our only goal again. Do we start praying for Rooney to stop scoring (hahahahaha, he shouldn’t o). There was a time Rooney had a record that whenever he scored for Man Utd, the Red Devils don’t lose (3 straight seasons) up until that day in January, 2007 at the Emirates, yeah Assnal fans you have something to be cheerful for. We still won the league that season though *tongue out*.
Aaron RAMSEY in one word? Hard to use one word so pardon me when I say awe-inspiring. The hyphen makes it a word innit? The lad for me is the best player in the world at the moment (sorry Iniesta, you are still my favourite though). You know they say whenever Ramsey scores a celebrity dies, why do I feel like whenever Ramsey scores Iniesta’s skill level drops? Just my thought though. If Assnal wins the league (which I know it isn’t possible) then Aaron Ramsey’s early season form surely has a big part in it. Remember I said Manchester United will win the league this season? I still insist on that statement.
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  1. Ramsey Awe-inspiring?
    And it crossed ur mind even if for a second that Arsenal might win he league this season.
    I never thought I’d live to see this day.

    • I always say it as it is…… did you expect me to hand you the title at dis stage of d season last year with the way you started? dont get ur hopes up bro………. its just 6 games old and yea Ramsey was awe-inspiring, beautiful ball play from the lad, something Assnal fans couldnt say last season. I always maintained the lad and Walcott are top players and you guys always dissed dem. So much for being a Gunner tho, na wen e sweet we dey see una.

  2. First,you have to stop the wrong spelling of my club’s name(Arsenal), or else …For Man U, ain’t see nothing yet..But come to think of it,this was the way Sir Alex Ferguson started,so you guys have to endure at least for 3seasons with no trophy.heheheee….Aaron Ramsey simply magnificient.

  3. Its a good thing Man U aint all that this season,this season is so competitive which makes it even more exciting…….
    Then one more thing *Na only man u fans u wan make dey read ur blog ni* don’t leave us out of the game.

    • Hahahahaha, well we were not all dat last season too but we won the league. As to my posts, they are mostly general gists, I just did dis and a few others to ensure you Chelsea, Arsenal and other team fans don’t think I am always biased when it comes to my team.

  4. Man U must fight for relegation this season (yes, for not given my team a chance in ur prediction of top 4). Na so oo, eye for an eye………….as for Assnal, continue d spelling till they win something, I guess its beginning to motivate them to do something. I tip dem along side Chelsea to win the EPL.


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