The Lagos NYSC Camp Football Tourney: I messed up


I always told whoever cared to listen that my NYSC year has been part of the best times of my life. The 3 weeks orientation camp was very interesting, I met a lot of crazy guys that made my stay fun especially my roommates. No drama, just pure fun and cruise. The post camp period was really cool too, 2 of roommates were in my local government, 3 other guys and one incredibly cute and friendly lady joined our clique. We were 6 always hanging around the local government together. From Chocolat Royale, to the Palms and any fun place around Eti-Osa 1. It was a wonderful year if I say so myself.

Back to the football in camp. Each Platoon had to form a football team to partake in the football competition, this was tradition. I was in Platoon 1, oddly quiet for my size but I really wanted to play for the team. I didn’t say much I just made sure I was around the guys in charge of setting up the squad. If there’s anything I hate, it is the fact that I always first asked to play in defence because of my height (Yes I was/am 6 feet 3 inches tall but in family gatherings I am 6 feet 3 and a half inches tall, e get reason). I complained that I would love to play upfront and that I was poor defensively but the supposed Captain, Ehix pleaded with me to play alongside him at the back. It turned out to be a good partnership until I messed up.

The tournament started and I must say we had a good team that could go all the way to win the trophy. Our midfield was solid and the defence was good until yours truly messed up. Our goalkeeper was awesome too. There was this guy who was also known as the Kaizer who played his heart out every time the team was in action. Dude was passionate to the core and strong.

We got to the semi-final and this was where I messed up. Scores was 1:1 and when the lads went upfront in a counter attacking move, they lost the ball and fortunately and unfortunately the ball fell to me, I was moving forward with the ball when I tried to dribble the opposing side’s attacker. The guy was big and tall about 6 feet 4 inches. He nicked the ball off me with a body check and sped off with the ball, in the bid to catch up with him I raced after him and when I saw it was an impossible task to catch up with him I just feigned having an hamstring injury.

He scored and while I was still pretending to be hurt, my teammates gathered to come check how bad my injury was and find out if I could go on to play. Me that one fine physiotherapist babe was already rubbing my thigh. I told them it was bad and I should be subbed.

We went on to lose the game and till date Ehix has not forgiven me. Not that I care anyway, he’s still my guy. We eventually won the 3rd place tie.

So this is an official apology to my teammates from Platoon 1 in Lagos Camp, Batch B (Stream 1), 2009/10 service year. I am sorry guys, we could have won the tournament if I didn’t mess up.




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