The Kepa Saga

It is no longer news Manchester City pipped Chelsea to the Carabao Cup Trophy on Sunday but it didn’t come without some sort of drama. It was bad that I had to stream the game so it wasn’t interesting because of the few seconds delay.
A manager of a football club can be likened to a manager in a corporate organization, if you asked me there’s no difference. So if the team fails it’s the Manager that takes the piss but if the team succeeds he’s hailed for his tactical nous. So basically he takes key decisions that should move the club forward in terms of recruiting personnel, picking the  best eleven for games and deliver some level of success or keep the fans happy. The players are expected to heed to the manager’s instructions and trust said instructions.
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So it happened that Chelsea’s manager Maurizio Sarri wanted to sub the goalkeeper Kepa Arrizabalaga when he seemed to have been injured but the keeper refused to come off and decided to finish the game. Scores was 0:0 and it was almost time for penalties but the 24 year old Spanish born goaltender decided to defy his manager’s orders and stayed on. Chelsea went on to lose the cup final 4:3 on penalties ensuring Manchester City won the first trophy on offer in England.
A furious Maurizio Sarri on the touchline (Image: Evening Standard)
This brought about the questions of should Kepa be fined, sold or benched. I am not sure anybody would want to put £71.6m (Seventy One Million Six Hundred Thousand Pounds) worth of talent on the bench. Selling him? Can the same amount be recouped if they attempt to sell him? Yes maybe a fine should be considered. At the end of it all, it’s the board of Chelsea Football Club that would take a decision after hearing from the manager, I guess.
When Kepa had cramps (Image: Sports India Show)
In some corners of the world, people took sides with Kepa citing he knows his body better than anyone else and should know if he was injured.Does this give him the right to undermine his manager’s authority while the whole world was watching, well maybe not the whole world? Word is out that Chelsea have no plans to punish Kepa.
Let’s bring it home, I think it would be hard to bench the lad, not now anyway because he’s the best choice the manager has but wouldn’t that be encouraging a stubborn employee to keep erring? The moment the 4th Official raises your number up for substitution, there’s nothing else you have to do but get off the pitch.
When Kepa Arrizabalaga (r) was supposed to be replaced by Willy Caballero (l) but refused. (Image: Eurosport)
On a lighter note, Football Pundit Jamie Redknapp said why would Kepa have cramps? He’s a bloody goalkeeper, lol.
I would love to hear what you think about this.
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