The First Erelu Eko Cultural Beauty Pageant is here


The Erelu Eko Cultural beauty pageant and empowerment is an annual pageant which basically deals with showcasing the Cultural ethics of the Lagos people and empowering the female youths. Erelu Eko Cultural beauty pageant focuses majorly on promoting the Culture of Lagos through various platforms which includes the promotion of the Yoruba Language, the Lagos Clothing as well as the Lagosians food. These are all embedded in the pageant as contestants are exposed to various cultural activities such as showcasing traditional and cultural attires of Lagos cultures, showcasing Yoruba made wears as well as cultural cooking competitions which are all exciting platforms for Cultural ethics.

Contestants are required to be single, must be of age 18-25 and must be able to speak at least the Yoruba Language. Erelu Eko involves the showcasing of a culturally designed casual wear, a Cultural attire, traditional attire as well as an evening gown. Prizes for winners include Cash Prize, beauty products, gadgets, empowerment for the first 10th contestants and consolation price.
Here is an opportunity for you to become the first Erelu Eko of Lagos.


To register pay into
Ignited Minds, 6060343931, Fidelity Bank
Or register on


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