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I have not seen too many Series and there are a vast majority of them out there  I always say I am no movie buff and same applies to TV series. As a child I barely saw our local series too; Behind the Clouds, Ripples, Supple Blues because I cherished my sleep more and I always wondered why they were never aired on Saturdays but strangely I saw Checkmate and my sentiments towards Checkmate was that some scenes were shot inside Unilag (I went to University of Lagos Staff School for my primary education).

I can count the amount of series I have followed religiously and I will name them according to how I love them. Like I said I haven’t seen much and trust me you are gonna have my head for lunch because you probably would be shock at my taste.
I trust you to feed your curiosity though because I know in my heart of hearts you will want to see what series will make the cut for me (Not bragging o, please read on). Find below the best series ever made #MyOpinion:

1. Entourage: about four childhood friends (Vince, E, Turtle and Johnny Drama) from Queens in New York and how they combed the streets of Los Angeles. Vince was an up and coming movie star who always loved having his buddies around him. The series is based on Mark Wahlberg’s rise to stardom. I hope I was able to brief you on what this series is all about? If you haven’t had a sniff of it yet, please do. Trust me you will love it. It aired with 8 unarguable interesting seasons. I must acknowledge Phammo my friend’s effort in getting me the series and also ensuring I started it. I have actually seen this series 5 times.
2. Suits: I will have to thank Phammo for this one again. He gave me the first season of this series and I didn’t even bother till a month later. Thanks to boredom, I started it and strangely immediately it came on I fast forwarded it a bit in error. By the time I hit play the scene it restarted at got me going. It’s about a college drop out who was street smart and book smart too who eventually became a lawyer in Manhattan’s biggest law firm. Season 4 was concluded a few weeks back and I can’t wait for season 5, summer should come already.
3. Prison Break: about a guy who was convicted for a crime he didn’t commit and how his brother gets himself incarcerated in order to break him out of prison. Four characters got me going on this series that aired for 5 years (4 seasons) between 2005 – 2009 and they were Lincoln Burrows (overly protective), Fernando Sucre (unquestionable loyalty), T-Bag (the baddest guy of the series) and Alex Mahone (Was the only person as sharp as Scoffield and became a loyal guy). I will thank Damz for making me see this one and L2ce for getting me the complete seasons. Saw this Series 3 times.
4. Two and Half Men (Till Charlie Sheen left): Before I saw this series I knew Charlie Sheen to be a very good actor and that’s big thanks to my big brothers and cousins. We saw some of his movies together; Navy Seals, Wolf of Wall Street (Yea he was in the very first movie with that title), Terminal Velocity to mention a few. I was shocked to see him in a TV series and to find out it was a comedy sitcom shocked me more. My cousin Sean made me see this one but I will thank my time in Aberdeen majorly for letting it grow on me. I could narrate some of the dialogues without stuttering. It’s about a a jingle writer (Charlie Harper) who’s recently divorced brother (Alan) and son (Jake) come to live with in his Malibu Beach House. I have seen the 8 seasons with Charlie Sheen 3 times already.
You were expecting me to list up to 10 of them? You have to be kidding me. Nothing for me beats the above listed series but I saw some other ones, some I started and didn’t or won’t complete, some I just saw the finales.

I started Alias back then and got bored, saw Boston Legal and House but lost touch, Scandal didn’t cut it for me after the first season, Breakout Kings and The Firm had just one season to the best of my knowledge. I really liked Mike and Molly but never saw it in a coordinated manner so I am not even sure if I completed it or not, I saw the last two seasons of 24 and I am currently watching Empire (because of Terrence Howard) and House of Cards (because of Kevin Spacey). I saw Grey’s Anatomy up until when Alex Karev fell in love and lost interest, didn’t like the idea of Private Practice but saw a couple of seasons because I liked Addison. Boardwalk Empire was/is cool too and so is/was Tinsel. Yea Tinsel is in the series category #OkBye.

So I have heard about The Walking Dead, Big Bang Theory, Game of Thrones, The Last Man on Earth, Arrow, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Vikings, The Flash, Gotham, Supernatural, Breaking Bad and a host of others that I doubt I will ever see.

You guys know you are the best right? Thanks for your blessing me with your time. You can recommend fun series to me oh after all I got to see/watch my favorite series via recommendation. Enjoy the rest of the week and don’t forget to drop your comments and share with your friends and friends’ friends……. Cheers and vote wisely.
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    • I will pass. I hear it’s good though but I didn’t see Sparctacus and they seem similar to me. Thanks for reading bro. Bless


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