Sunday The 12th


My friend : Dipo
Me: yes bro
My friend: did u see Shile pass by
Me: I think she went that way

My friend returns after 5 minutes of searching for Shile without finding her and accuses me of lying to him. He was like I asked if you saw Shile and I answered by saying she went one way. I told him I remember telling him I ‘think’ (think being the key word) she went that way which clearly meant I wasn’t sure. I mean the word think means not 100% being sure about a certain thing (correct me if I am wrong).

Now I have been defaulting on one of the things I promised I would be doing this year. I said when I saw a beautiful girl/lady/woman I would walk up to them and tell them how good they look. I saw this chic in church today, it was the first time I was seeing her in church. She is a stunner (should I have used was?) and I said to myself that I would tell her after service how good looking she was. I was just looking in her direction during service and I am sure if ogling could kill, I would have killed the babe. You need to see how I took to my heels after service. Maybe I will tell her tomorrow, hahahahaha.

I so much love my aunt, the best caterer in the world & my mummy. She just called me this evening and asked me to come over and pick up ready made meals for the house. She asked if I was busy when she called and I was going to say I was but she didn’t let me even talk before she said I should come for the food. When I heard food I said to hell with the Stoke City versus Liverpool game I was watching and dashed down to Gbagada with my bro. Yes I know I love food. Choi fried rice, jollof rice, curry soup with orisirisi in it, efo, moinmoin, snail & salad. GOD punish jogging tomorrow morning (just joking, will still do my over 5km tomorrow).

My little roommate Fifi made my weekend as always. The girl is so exciting, funny and she has this contagious smile. Even Phammo my friend couldn’t help but smile whenever she dashed in on our convos. I call her my roommate because she dumps all her stuff in my room, hahahaha. We even took pictures together (check them out on Instagram @dipoogun). Oh you guys thought Man United made my weekend? Nah it was Fifi though I had told them in the office on Friday there was no way we were losing to Swansea. Suarez in a phrase? Second to Ronaldo. Dude has scored 22 goals in 15 league games. I just hope he doesn’t bite anybody before the season is over.
I have this weird story but not sure if I will ever post it. This article will determine that though, so guys you know what to do.

You guys should have a fantastic week ahead. Stay blessed and thanks for always being there.

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  1. Lmao. All of Una way they do new year resolution I just they look cos a friend last year said he’s gonna stop smoking and na ciga the werey they smoke before o now na skunk the werey graduate to. U now u dey hide for babe continue . Post the story abeg.


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