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Welcome back guys, told you I won’t be away for far too long. I had a quite interesting past few days, don’t worry I’ll share. I certainly won’t bore you with the door opening saga brought to the fore by some people’s WCW, truth be said I love Chimamanda, I have almost all of her books but I’m just not sold on some of her ideas, although there were lots of misconceptions on this one, Mamma didn’t mean what was largely circulated but she’s not complaining, she does well with unpopular opinion so good luck to her, just a soft reminder to her fans, she’s happily married to a man, with a child, not a woman… on to the next one.


Somehow, the arguably most hated Nigerian is about to qualify for the draws for the most loved Nigerian! How possible? Just one calculated political move and Buhari is already winning the second term war without going to the polls at all, declaring the long overdue June 12 as National Democracy day instead of the May 29 that it has always been, emotions went flying, rivals began to applaud, now all that is left is some sort of same of the old same in the East and boom! Baba returns to office, I’m indifferent, I don’t belong to the group that believes the government owe them anything, these guys don’t love us, whoever gets there and makes life easy for SMEs and start ups is the only one worth writing about, until then, get your PVC, vote for who you want or don’t complain at all.


To the interesting part, so I was going for a seminar on start ups the other day, I sold a pouch I made over the weekend so your girl is feeling fly, So I called a ride on Uber, dude pulled up not long after and I took my place at the back seat only for this brother to park and ask me to come forward to the front seat beside him, I asked why politely and brother said it’s his hood I’m headed and he doesn’t want people thinking he’s a driver, so I should come forward so they’ll think I’m his girlfriend; I was livid, at such stupidity, what happened to your self esteem Mr? What is wrong with being a cab driver? Nigerians and silly societal standards, these same set of people travel to America to do worse odd jobs than driving and they try to act like driving ain’t cool here huh? I asked him to park, jumped down and flagged down a bus, if that doesn’t teach him that he has nothing to prove to anyone then good luck to him too. I’m angry.


Finally, the World Cup is here, have you copped your own Nigerian jersey? Jersey that the world is travelling to Russia to see, OMG I’ve got one and don’t ask me from where, it’s beautiful, glowing and my babies would be doing wonders in those piece of cute materials on the pitch; wait, did you see the native attire my boys wore en-route to Russia? Sweet looking stuff, we’re slaying to Russia don’t dull, and I heard rivals are already boasting, whether you believe it or not, Nigeria will shine in Russia, like our Jersey, we’ll glow, and as a good citizen, I’ll be giving out gifts on twitter sponsored by 247Jobs, all you have to do is to follow @247jobs_ on twitter and predict correctly the final scores of any game at the world cup, fantastic prizes await you.


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