Rest on SOJ my bro


You left this cold world about four months ago, not in a pleasant way and I still believe you could have been saved if those clowns in the hospital had paid better attention in taking care of you. Soji you were supposed to be around now celebrating another birthday with us but GOD knows best. I will try to take solace in that.

Soji you were my brother in many ways I still can’t explain and I am so glad our paths crossed. You were a motivator and one hell of a great guy. I will always remember the times we shared together SOJ, the times we shared on the field, the times we spent watching movies (though you forced me), when we watched footie and throw banters. I could go on but instead of me saying goodbye bro, I would focus on the times we spent together.

Your Igbonla peeps miss you, your OOU friends can’t stop talking about how wonderful you were. Ekiti and Nigeria at large has lost a brilliant son and from the lyrics of the best rapper alive (go figure) “LORD forgive him we all have sinned but Soji is a good dude please let him in and if you fill in my heart that I long for revenge please blame it on the sun of the mourning……… Thanks again”

Continue to rest in the bosom of the LORD Soji Ojutalayo Omoyeni while you wake up every now and then sipping on Heavenly Champagne.


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