Racial Slur ???


Fresh from a mini tour of England, yea I said mini tour maybe I should have just said minute tour. Okay I will let you decide. I went to Birmingham with my friend and his fiancée for a wedding.  We went by coach and I enjoyed the trip because Birmingham is home to one of my favourite football clubs (Aston Villa). I thought I would go into Villa Park for a tour of the stadium but I didn’t get anywhere close to it. We passed by Wolverhampton Wanderers’ stadium, Westbrom’s Hawthorns and I was able to get a peek at Saint James’ Park too which is also home to another of my favourite football clubs (Newcastle United) thanks to the very friendly man I was riding with. I was to spend a few days with my cousin and my first night at her place made me wish I was living in Birmingham, Dide is one hell of a great cook. Remember food is a major vice of mine? If you didn’t know, now you know.

Birmingham was fun but I think my time in North London was awesome. I was with Big Yomz and his family. It was the weekend of the Charity Shield game between Manchester United and Manchester City 2011/2012 season). We were unable to get tickets so what did we do? We bought 2 bottles of Jack Daniels and his wife, the gorgeous Phunkey made barbeque for us. And Mo’Diva his daughter wasn’t left out of the party. So you see I will rather have that and sit in front of a 52 inch screen to watch the game than be at Wembley, lol. My time in London was cut short though, no thanks to the death of the most important woman in my life (my mum). I had to get back to Aberdeen so I could prepare for my trip back to Nigeria and help prepare for my angel’s burial. The toughest period of my life.

I called my Course Leader  and my dissertation supervisor to inform them about my mum’s death. They offered their condolences and support. I was asked to update them on how I intended to proceed with the program. In a bid to take my mind off my mum’s death my friend and his fiancée came over to take me to cinemas. I tried to turn them down but they were persistent. I wasn’t a movie buff like that and before then I had seen only 3 movies in Aberdeen. I decided to go to the Vue Cinema with them. We got there and when my friend was going to purchase our tickets we heard a white boy tell his brother whilst pointing at my friend that ‘he is  going to watch his brothers’. My friend was furious and was close to punching the boy but had to restrain himself knowing fully well he could be on  the next flight back to Nigeria if he touched the boy. The boy’s brother kept on apologizing. I told my friend I wasn’t interested in watching the movie anymore and we should leave. I went back home to pack what was left of my stuff for my trip back to Naija the next day.
Oh I didn’t mention the title of the movie? I thought you would have deduced it when you read the line where the boy said ‘he is going to watch his brothers’. Okay o, the title of the movie was “Rise of the Planet of the Apes”.

Now I ask, did you sense any Racial Slur in what the boy said? I am sure we all have different views on this.

Thanks for your time people.

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  1. Ofcourse, pure racial slur bro… guess this is one of the reasons i find it difficult to leave this country, i am quick to temper…mo ma try lati gba eti omo yen! those smelling peeps whose skins need a lil exposure to sunlight. Or maybe the boy doesn’t know there are white monkeys too, don’t think too far, just see a photo of Gareth Bale

  2. Dat ws vry racial, an uncle of mine who resides in U.K broke a white guy nose wit a left one (punch) in a similar case

  3. No wonder sum of my bros wey dey go jand dey carry “bante and oruka ano shubu” would have done same and try it out on d whiteboi make him feel my brothers’ magic…lo


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