O.O.U crisis of 16/06/2005 : My Story – Part 1


My day started early just like the couple of days preceding it and this was because I was still doing my registration. I had to be on campus really early and I was out of bed at about 6.30am. I left my hall like 7am and I got to the campus at about 7.25am. I met a massive crowd waiting in line for registration. Do these guys sleep at all? Anyway I was able to get some thing done and I left the campus about 1pm to go back the next day to round off. I got to my hall few minutes later and had the best meal ever; eba and okro with all sorts in the soup (turkey, ponmo, fish) thanks to my cousin. I rested for a bit and then took a stroll to my former hall. I really love that place and just like Mourinho I will say it is a place where I am loved, no disrespect to the new hall members as we bonded really well later on. You know how it is when you are in a new place. If I was put in the big brother house I would have been kicked out in the first week (You get?). Right in front of this former hall they sell the best ponmo in that town (not that I ate again o, haba). If you follow my posts you will know I love food and most especially ponmo even though people tell me it has no benefit to the body.

We were having interesting convos at my former hall (footie, babes and some silly stuff). My close friend came to meet me at this former hall of mine after calling to find out where I was. We talked for a while and he said he was going to Lagos in a few minutes and that if any thing came up in school I should call him. I told him no problem and bade him safe trip. I went back to the gist I was having with my peeps and a couple of minutes later we heard noises and raced downstairs to find out what the noise was about. On getting downstairs we saw people marching en masse towards the palace and one of my friend was like we should go with them. My response got people laughing, I said I was my mum’s last born and that it was high risk for me to go. A few of my friends went while the rest of us were trying to find out what caused the chaos. Someone said a student was killed the night before because he was still out on the streets after the curfew time which was 11pm. Some said he went to study for exams in a Primary School and when he was going back to his hall he ran into some vigilantes and he was hit with a charm and he died. I still don’t know if that was what happened but I know for sure a student died. So the reason we heard noises was because some students went to the palace to protest.

A fight broke out between the protesting students and the vigilante group at the palace and while I was still hearing gists left, right and center something kept pricking me to go back to my hall but I didn’t budge. I called my friend to find out if he was already in Lagos and he said no that he was still in School. My jaw dropped. He said he was about boarding the bus when he decided to eat first at the garage before leaving. Food could have cost him his life, SMHISM. After his meal the next thing he saw were buses filled with vigilantes heading towards the palace. Apparently they had called them in to dispel students and things got worse because the students weren’t ready to back down on the injustice of the killing of the student. My friend was stranded in school just like the rest of us because transporters were not allowed to move for safety reasons. I was still listening to gist back at my former hall and the final straw was drawn when I heard someone shout won ti fi ogun gba (they have hit him with a charm), I left and as I was walking down to my hall, the charmed guy was being pushed down to the health center (but seriously could they have healed him?) in a wheelbarrow and he was swelling (first time I would witness such). I felt really sorry for him and I could hear him mumble a few words, telling the dude pushing the barrow to move faster. He later died as I heard.

I didn’t know this issue was going to get so serious. As I was walking down, I called my cousins to find out where they were, and I was glad they were all in the hall. I got to the hall hoping all will die down and since we had power I put in my favourite CD (Warren G’s Regulate album) into the CD player and was listening to music while gisting with one of my cousins. We locked both gates leading into the hall just to be careful. A few minutes later we heard people banging on one of the gates.
Who could those be? Have the vigilantes come for us?

To be continued.

Thanks for reading, enjoy the rest of the week…………………………… GOD bless
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  1. Ope cole told me that “OSU crisis” story. Its nice you are writing about it. At least I can read it from a story teller. I dey wait for part2

  2. I rmbr Miami and some other guys picking stones, calling more guys on d street to cum out n attack vigilantees. I wasn’t feeling well but was watching from Kemi Osi’s window and I rmbr d fair lady dat lives in Abj hall God saved her as a cutlass was almost placed on her butt as she joined d guys to watch…… OMG!!! Sad day o!

  3. That day is still fresh in my mind it’s
    a day I can’t 4get. I didn’t slip through out that nite, my self and my friends thought it would die down with time. I didn’t know it would escalate, may God grant the departed souls eternal rest IJN (amen)!

  4. Na ijebu igbo I dy dat dy, dint even know until dose bastards indigenes chased students in2 ij igbo 4m ago d followin mrnin…boys started gatherin 2go in2 ago 2fight…buh dint go at last, cos of sum liverless ones. Very painful students dint retaliate til now!

  5. Omo mehn that day no funny at all. Too many memories. Will never forget the car we saw at Ijebu Ode that had about 12 big babes in it.. and Uncle Rothmans coming down to challenge the OPC guys…

  6. nice piece…i go need send my story too, cos i slept on campus that day…ojo buruku esu mu omi…(bad day devil drink water)

  7. Like i already told you ‘ I hate you’ why the suspense? ‘I hate suspense’ but that’ s what makes this piece rather interesting … keep it coming.. better post part 2 soon or else…

  8. Wow… I remember this day vividly! The guy on the wheel barrow, the banging on the doors, the March to the palace, the bail out from town on foot to Ijebu Ode, the raw fear me and my sister felt… The compassion of the indigenes that kept us over night and have us their bed to sleep!
    I can’t believe it’s been this long… I suddenly feel very old… Lol. Thank God for His mecies and protection. May the souls of the students who passed on in the crisis continue to rest in peace. Amen.
    Thank you Dipo for this… It reminded me to be very grateful for all I am today. God bless you much!


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