Not so FORGETTABLE after all


I got dressed and went downstairs to chill for my friend. We were heading for my aunt’s 65th birthday get together. I called Ponche too but the clown went out leaving his phone at home, so the lady who picked up said. Called the other dude too and he begged me to chill a bit that he would join me soon.

I walked down my street to get airtime and I sighted a babe that looked familiar. I was tempted to say hello when she got close then decided against it because woman matter different o. She fit embarrass me or form not knowing or not remembering me, lol.
She brought out her phone and placed it against her right ear as she got closer to me and as she was about passing by me she said DIPO as if she was talking on the phone and instinctively I looked back. Our eyes met and immediately she said I knew it was you just needed to be sure. We both laughed and talked for a little while. Apparently we used to be neighbors when I was in primary school. I was shocked she could ever remember me let alone my name after many years.

It appears I am not so FORGETTABLE after all. Meanwhile some of my friends have been harassing me to write about girls, romance, relationships and the likes. I don’t know how else to convince them I am not built like that, hahahahahaha.
Happy birthday to my darling aunt. GOD will continually bless her for us and may his joy continue to be her strength (AMEN). Another day to be tempted to drink alcohol. Trust me I won’t fall.

Eyin guys tomorrow is the last day for nomination o. Pls nominate your boy in the sports blog category and personal blog category of the Nigerian blog awards via and enter in both columns (personal blog and sports blog categories). Thanks and stay BLESSED.

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