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Thank GOD club football is back after the long International break, sorry to Nigerians as we would not be seeing the Super Eagles at the next African Cup of Nations (AFCON) holding in Equatorial Guinea in January, 2015. I am still #TeamStephenKeshi though. I think Cameroon or Ivory Coast would win the tournament. THINK the operative word.

It hasn’t been jolly sweet just yet for my beloved Manchester United but I know the lads will come good. 4 wins, 4 draws and 3 losses is poor at this stage of the season and we have dropped points against teams (no disrespect) we should have picked up maximum points against. The most painful loss definitely has to be the one against Leicester City. Giving up a 3-1 lead to lose 5-3 is something that would never have happened if Sir Alex Ferguson was still in charge. Am I blaming Louis Van Gaal? No. I strongly believe he knows what he is doing and he will get it right, yes we need an experienced Center Back maybe 2 and this is the reason why I will never forgive David Moyes. He let Nemanja Vidic go leaving the defence flat with fledglings. Van Gaal should have replaced him but with who? Benartia? Hummels? Would they have come knowing they wouldn’t be playing in Champions League, maybe the lure of money could have made them sign but that’s gone for now.

Going forward, we have been blessed with injuries to 10 first team players and our next opponents are the Gunners. The only thing going for the Red Devils is that they have not lost to Arsenal in the last 3 seasons (even David Moyes didn’t lose to them). Can Man United hold their own against an Arsenal side though erratic even with the quality they have? Saturday will decide. My prediction for the team is a fourth place finish but now it has become a prayer point on a daily basis. A solid back four is all this team needs to be a success because we have the fire power going forward, well at least for this current season.

I still maintain Chelsea is winning the league though but with the way the league is going Man City might also struggle to make the top four. Yea we all know Southampton is just warming second position for the rightful owners, they are playing well no doubt and proving people that have tipped them for relegation wrong.

My Predictions for the weekend:
Chelsea 3 Vs Westbrom 1
Everton 2 Vs Westham 1
Leicester 1 Vs Sunderland 2
Man City 3 Vs Swansea 1
Newcastle 2 Vs QPR 0
Stoke 2 Vs Burnley 0
Arsenal 0 Vs Man Utd 1
Crystal Palace 1 Vs Liverpool 3
Hull 0 Vs Spurs 2
Aston Villa 0 Vs Southampton 0

Thanks for your time guys and do haveĀ  a wonderful weekend filled with blessings from the ALMIGHTY.

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