My football Superstition………………. Part 1



This post’s title was actually culled from a Naija celeb’s post on After reading this celeb’s article, I remembered I also had my own football superstitions. I started to notice that whenever I had a squabble with a girl/lady my beloved Manchester United loses. The very first time was during the 2003/2004 season when the Red Devils were brutally beaten by city rivals Man City. That game ended 4-1 with Shaun Wright-Phillips taking on our defence at will. Just before the game, I had a little argument with one Toyin babe I was still toasting. She never gree her wahala come plenty, shior. I merely thought it was one of those days my team deserved to be utterly dealt with. It happened on another day when a Bunmi babe asked me to come over and keep her company but I bluntly refused stating Man Utd were about to play. She started vexing o, saying I am selfish, blah blah blah. You know as ladies be nah (no disrespect). Oh boy Fulham beat us that day o, 3-1 with Louis Laurent Saha (we later bought the dude) being the tormentor in chief. I told my friend about these two cases and he laughed saying it was a mere coincidence.

On this very day in October 2005 after having a text battle with Buki about how I hardly call or check on her the Red Devils were mauled 4-1 by Middlesbrough. The mumu boy that said the last two issues was a coincidence knew about the drama that happened earlier with Buki and we also saw the match together. He just busted out in laughter and said man mi, e go good make you dey follow all your girlfriends fight o (by now you would have known he is an Arsenal fan). There are more cases of this sort of jinx but in order not to bore you let me end the ladies part here and please don’t ask what happened when Shitty beat us 6-1. For a long time I received phone calls or text messages each time Man Utd lost a game. People be asking which babe you quarrel with today? In all three instances listed, the Red Devils didn’t win the league but won the FA cup (2003/2004) and Capital One cup (2005/2006). Consolation? I will take it.

I hardly wear my Manchester United jerseys on game days. Let’s go back memory lane. I had my first United jersey in August 2003 thanks to my late mum. I wore it strictly on special occasions. I never saw it as an indoor outfit, maybe because nah hin cost pass for all my clothes. The first time I wore a Manchester United jersey on a game day was when we played Arsenal in a league match in 2006. My mum had surprised me again with a gift of the latest kit. We eventually lost that game 1-0. I was like maybe we deserved to lose. A new jersey was given to me as a Christmas present in December of that same year and I reserved it for the Arsenal game again in January 2007. We were leading the Gunners 1-0 in that game with few minutes to go and I thought the jersey jinx was broken so quickly. To my utmost surprise Assnal equalized through Robin Van Persie (he is ours now, *tongue out*) and eventually won the game with Thierry Henry getting the winner. This was the first time United would lose in a game Rooney had scored in.

The most painful one was on my birthday in 2007 (December 29th). I usually launch jerseys on my birthdays, so now you what to get me this year (lmao). We played Westham and we had taken the lead only for us to lose 2-1. I was the butt of all jokes on that day.  From then on, I never wore jerseys on game days again except if there’s a game on my birthday (That tradition will never be broken). The irony of it all was that all these seasons highlighted here were title winning seasons for my darling team.

I think a majority of us are always superstitious whenever the Super Eagles wear white jerseys as opposed to the green one. Well I always am and I know a number of people who are.
Happy birthday to my one and only nephew (he is also a United fan, hahahahaha).


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  1. I believe whenever my cousin Dozman watches united live at old trafford, we always win…..I am trying to get him to go for the madrid game (depending on first leg result) and the city + chelsea games!


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