My Arsenal Beef : 1 of Plenty Episodes


I couldn’t focus in class as all I could think of was the night’s game. It was one of those long days on campus and I was drifting off with thoughts of the match. Classes were to end at 6pm so when I had a few minutes free I called one of female friends to harass her for dinner and that it had to be ready for 6pm because I was longing to be seated in front if PPShy’s TV screen by 7pm at the latest. The banters are usually sweet before the game kicks off.  PPShy owned the viewing center where I used to watched footy in school before I switched to a place by the garage and then to Kola’s joint when I moved to another hall.
I got to town from campus at about 6.23pm and my friend had made my favourite. I should have dated this babe then though (one of my many regrets). You don’t know what my favourite is for real? Smh, it’s eba and okro jor. So I rushed the meal while gisting in between and trust me I messed things up talking only about football. She got upset and I tried to make up for my error but she was having none of it. I left her and rushed to my hall to drop my books before crossing over to PPShy’s end. I was seated at the back instead of the front as I earlier anticipated but the view was even better from there. The match preview was already up and 10 minutes before the game would  PPShy walked into the shed where we were going to watch the game and said he wasn’t showing the match again that it was the Arsenal versus Portsmouth league game he would be showing. I thought it was a joke.
Oops I didn’t mention the game I had been fantasizing about since? It was the Champions League semifinal game between Deportivo La Coruna and FC Porto (2003/2004 Season). How does one show or watch a premier league game ahead of a Champions League semifinal match? I was pissed to the spine but what could I have done other than walk a way. It must have been a business decision from PPShy because there were clearly plenty Arsenal fans in that area and in that town as a whole but I was still baffled that he would show a league game ahead of a Champions League semifinal match. The little issue with my friend earlier must have jinxed things, so I thought.
I took a bike to the garage to watch the game at another viewing center as a friend suggested.  And on getting there I realized I wasn’t jinxed after all, it was an amazing spot to watch footy, hilarious banters and unbelievable facts and figures were dished out from various angles. The place was massive and there was an upper chamber too. All for footy, all for footy. Thank you GOD for bestowing on us the best thing to have happened to man since sliced bread. From that moment I made a vow to always return to the garage whenever I wanted to watch a football match until Kola’s football center was founded. Kola’s joint was the best when I was in O.O.U. It was close to my hall and I also met amazing people there.
Porto eventually won the game 1-0 after playing a goalless draw in the first leg and the major reason I  was keen about  the game was because of the then Porto Coach Jose Mourinho. He was the man who masterminded my beloved Man United’s exit in this particular season’s Champions League though we were robbed of a clear goal but I liked the way Mourinho approached the game. They got the job done and from that moment I became a big fan of the man. Porto went on to win the trophy beating Monaco 3-0 in the final.
After the incident at PPShy’s I told a couple of my Arsenal friends that were there that and I quote  ‘Arsenal wouldn’t be winning the Champions League in a long time’. Well it’s been how many years now? 10 years if my maths is right. The Arsenal versus Portsmouth game on the night ended 1-1 though it was their unbeaten season. Congrats to them for being unbeaten but it was still one Premier League trophy it got them for the effort and not two.
I think I should start a series on clubs I don’t fancy or should I say clubs I dont like. Don’t get me wrong its not like I do not respect Arsenal, I sincerely do but I don’t like them. I am a big fan of Theo Walcott, Aaron Ramsey and Jack Wilshere. I liked Thierry Henry a lot and Dennis Bergkamp was my best player in 1998. I don’t expect Arsenal fans to like Man Utd too.
Thanks for your time people……………………… Stay BLESSED !!!
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