Mondays were the best days: Part 2


Another Monday morning and I called FC to tell her I was off to the Local Government (LG), but she begged me to come over to her place so we could go together. I tried to convince her that it would mean I would be making a trip (mind you I didn’t have a car) backwards because she lived in Ojota and I was moving from Anthony. You know babes now, she won the verbal tussle and I had to go over to hers. On getting there I was expecting her to be ready, my GOD FC was just brushing. We spent another hour at hers before setting out (I wonder why ladies spend so much time at everything). As we got to the bus stop she was like we should take a cab. I looked at myself and said cab ke? My friend let’s bus this thing jor. Anyway she won the battle again.

We got to the LG late (obviously) but luckily for us the other guys had signed in for us after we called them to help. We started talking about what to do before going home and MP came up with going to watch a movie idea but myself and Laze were mumbling movie bawo in the background. We however settled to go to the Palms (Genesis Deluxe Cinema) to watch a movie but I was glad when plans had to change. I think the movie had started before we got there, cant really remember what happened. We went into Shoprite to buy food and drinks and headed for the the food court. The people working at the joint at the food court were pissed we didn’t buy the food from them but they couldn’t kick us out because we were in our corper jersies. Things we got away with in our NYSC outfit. We ate, drank and gisted and as we were rounding up we got a call from one of our friends we didn’t intentionally shenk (because I know some of you would be like hmmmm) that they were signing CD cards. We had to rush to LG. We got to the LG, signed our cards and we were free to go home, looking forward to the next Monday.

Myself and FC mostly went to the LG together sparking rumours that we were dating. One babe even called one chic I was toasting then to tell her that she should forget about me that I am not a good person and that I was dating someone else blah blah blah. Glad it never worked out with the babe, I can’t have people watching my every move like some C.I.A agent.

We (the whole crew) visited Chocolat Royal too sometimes and I remembered when one born again dude joined us on one of our numerous strolls to Chocolat Royal. We said all sorts and truth be told we didn’t we know he was born again. We just decided to talk on our usual crazy subjects and FC, the only babe amongst us stole the show (you know what I mean). After we finished, the dude got up and shook his head saying and I quote ‘I have been corrupted’. We all busted out in laughter thinking he was trying to be funny. It was 2 weeks later I found out he was truly born again (we had our primary assignment in the same place). We felt really bad when we found out and dude even distanced himself from us.

I am sure you guys would be wondering what kind of CD we were having. Just fun, fun and more fun? No its not always like that. There was a time we went to the market around the LG to speak to the peeps there about HIV ( I wonder why over 300 peeps had to go for that). We cleaned the neighbourhood sometimes (manual labour toh bad), and we that were in the charity group went to an orphanage a few times. My aunt even gave me a sack of rice to donate to the orphanage. Some how that rice didn’t get there. I vowed then that I will have to always donate stuff to the orphanages or less privileged without going through people.

We added a new buddie to the clique along the line. Mr J was also a cool guy. The more the merrier they say and 8 wasn’t a crowd in this case. So it was FC, MP, Chuks, Laze, GW, Big Wolz, Mr. J and myself. We had Mr. Fene co starring once in a while and Mr. Mayek also made an appearance. These were buddies from camp but their own CD day was different.
The reason I said I couldn’t forgive FinBank (now FCMB) in part 1 was because I wanted to use my atm to withdraw from the cash machine. My account was debited but I wasn’t paid (hope that sentence made sense?). I complained on a number of occasions but the error hasn’t been reversed till date. Yea my 5k was not returned and I don’t care if its small money. It is still money.

That’s a peek into how Mondays used to be for me during my NYSC year. I wish I could have fed you with all the details but it could take a whole year. I wouldn’t lie FC, MP, Chuks, Big Wolz and Laze made it a fruitful year, no disrespect to the other dudes tho. Monday truly were the best days but now they are work days.

Please drop your comments and don’t be selfish, share with your peeps. Thanks and Bless y’all.
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