Just before I hit it off with today’s post let me introduce to you guys who happen to be my favourite peeps; My posts would be coming from here going forward and I want to thank you guys for the support all this while. Stay Blessed people.

The day started pretty early for me, earlier than usual. I slept early yesterday night not sure what time exactly though (I no be witch nah) and I woke up about 2.27am this morning and found it hard to go back to sleep. This has been happening for weeks now but I always get a couple of hours sleep (after watching a few episodes of Homeland) before I wake up to get ready for work or church as the case may be. Today was just different, couldn’t go back to sleep and tried the usual by watching Homeland but it didn’t work. I switched to Franklin & Bash (Hilarious series), no luck. I tried a boring movie (American Hustle) still sleep eluded me. I was up till 6.30am when I was to have my bath. Left home for work at 7.30am.

Work started well with Rahmah my sure colleague giving me shawarma (if you didn’t by now that I loved food, you are on a long thing). I didn’t leave the office till like 6.45pm and just when I thought I would get 2hrs of sleep before the Man Shitty versus Chelsea game would kick off my colleague Buddy Lee harangued me in joining him to hang out around my area. He decided we go to Banilux and I told him straight up that I quit drinking and he hissed. We got there and to my surprise a lady harassed Buddy Lee with a bottle of Heineken. I didn’t know my guy was a chief at this spot, lol. He refused and asked for water while I requested for a bottle of malt.

As the gist flowed we ordered pepper soup and more water. The game started and we decided to chill till the first half was over. My naughty friend called me to ask if I was watching the game and I said yes. She was like she wanted a draw and I was like what’s her business that wasn’t she a Manchester United fan. She said she doesn’t like both teams so a draw would suit her. I was like okay o and I chipped in that I was a MANCHESTER fan. You know what that means? I figured too. I was a member of the Citizens clan for the night hoping to spite a colleague who supports Assnal at work tomorrow. Well Chelsea didn’t let that happen. They beat Manchester City 1-0 at the Etihad, meaning they did the double over City after also winning them in the first leg at Stamford Bridge last year.

I was expecting Mourinho to park the bus at the Etihad but to my surprise the Blues from London played the most entertaining football I have ever seen them play. They matched the Shitty boys power for power, pace for pace. African footballer of the year Yaya Toure was out-muscled. Eden Hazard was a monster, Cech was amazing and Nemanja Matic? He was AWESOME, he deserved the Barclay’s man of the match award and he was rightly given. In my opinion just two players earned their pay for Man City and they were Jovetic though he didn’t start and Yaya, all others were pipe. Awon fall hand guys, shior. Man City’s unbeaten run was pegged at 20games.

I guess MONDAY wasn’t so bad after all.

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