Miss You Dad: 4 years gone


Its been 4 years since you left us and it still feels like yesterday. I remember the last few weeks we shared together and it still hurt that I wasn’t around when you finally left. The day before you left you gave me some money for my trip to Ibadan not knowing it would be the last time I would be seeing you. Even in illness you still had time to check on people and even helped those that needed help. You were a man’s man, always taking one for the team.
I remember our argument about my choice of University, you never hid the fact that you could not stand my school. You wanted me to go to Unilag like Chairman and Babs did or OAU just like Doz (your sons). I didn’t settle for any of those choices and you still supported me after the long argument. You never used a 3rd party to settle issues with me.
You always looked good in your suit and tie especially on Sundays when you had to carry out your duties in church. You knew lots of church hymns off hand and encouraged us to learn them.
You had the finest handwriting ever, I always looked forward to giving you my report card or documents for your signature and I would beg you to scribble something just to brag about how lovely your handwriting was.
I also remember how we used to upset mum by eating out at White House or a road side buka. We got really close when you were ill and we talked about everything; plans for the future, girls and you even threw banters at Manchester United but you still respected their dominance of the EPL. You were objective and also very funny. You were a fantastic cook. You diced plantain beautifully and I always craved for more even when I was full.
I remember the day you asked me to go and get you air time and when I was about scratching the card with my finger you yelled at me never to do that again and explained how dangerous it was using my fingers. Now whenever I buy air time you always come to my mind.
M.A natural continue to rest in peace while you watch over us. Miss you very much DAD



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