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Hello fellas, I am sure a lot of you guys will agree with me that there’s one person we all break up with at a particular point every year but we gladly take ourselves back in less than 3months. The break up lasts for a short while but we always look forward to making up. We are always in this relationship for about 9 to 10 months usually between August and May. I am sure you are already looking forward to the start of another 10 month long relationship. The English Premier League is back, sorry wives, girlfriends, side chicks and what have you the best thing (football) since sliced bread stages another come back to our screens. No disrespect to the fans of other European leagues that have started or will start or I didn’t mention you know my primary teams resides in England, yes you got them right Manchester United, Aston Villa and Newcastle United.

With all teams rearing to go and relatively strengthened (though the transfer window closes 6pm on the 1st of September, 2015) we can only brace ourselves for an explosive season. I am still yet to get my top 4 predictions in and that’s because I usually wait to get a glimpse of all first round of Premier league games, so expect my predictions next week inclusive of the other top 4 leagues (German Bundesliga, French Ligue Une, Spanish La Liga and Italian Serie A). I think to make the predictions more interesting we should add teams that would be relegated to the fray. Yay or Nay? We should put that to a vote or simply wait till the winter break when the fight for survival heats up. We could also have a go at each other making predictions every weekend, for example I make my own predictions and one of you guys make yours. I will start with the first person to drop a comment. Is that fair enough? I guess.

I will like to make predictions for this weekend’s round of Premiership games and please if you want us to form our Fantasy League (its really interesting o) you can hit me up.
Predictions for the weekend

  1. Manchester United 3 Vs Tottenham Hotspurs 1
  2. Bournemouth 1 Vs Aston Villa 2
  3. Everton 2 Vs Watford 0
  4. Leicester City 1 Vs Sunderland 1
  5. Norwich City 1 Vs Crystal Palace 2
  6. Chelsea 2 Vs Swansea City 0
  7. Arsenal 3 Vs Westham United 1
  8. Newcastle United 1 Vs Southampton 3
  9. Stoke City 2 Vs Liverpool 2
  10. Westbrom 1 Vs Manchester City 1

There you have it, my predictions for this weekend and yes I love Newcastle but I think they will need time to blend their United Nations (players from many European countries). As for Watford that have decided to spend all the money made from gaining promotion into the EPL they probably would still struggle. The usual suspects (Chelsea and Arsenal) wouldn’t have problems bagging 3 points and yes I am so confident my beloved Manchester United will nick the 3 points from Tottenham in tomorrow’s lunch time kick-off. Only time will tell.

Do have a fantastic weekend guys and stay BLESSED!!!

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