I Will Miss You My Brother


I am going to miss you ‘Seun Lewis. It feels weird calling you a family friend or a cousin because I knew you all your life. So the title ‘BROTHER’ is what I will gladly confer on you because you have been a brother to me in many ways I cannot explain. Getting that call from L2ce on that Thursday evening that you had passed on made me put life into perspective; nothing is ASSURED.

You were my first experience of knowing what having a younger brother felt like. It was always fun to hear you call me Popo (instead of Dipo) as a toddler. I will never forget how we used to drag ourselves up and down in Unilag Staff School waiting for Mummy (your mum) to come get us. I remember the Saturday morning ritual of having moin moin (bean pudding) and garri with you and your siblings whom also happen to be my siblings before I go for lessons with Mide.

You grew up to be a man anybody would be proud of and I will always remember how you ensured I was well taken care of whenever there’s a party or event at your house and when I don’t turn up in time you always placed a call to find out where I was or what happened. You only missed my birthday twice since I had known you and that was in 2010 when I was in Aberdeen and 2014 due to my indecisiveness. You truly were like a brother like my brothers, just like my mother’s child.

Your love for football cannot be quantified and your objectivity on football matters is something I admired. I would miss our football banters, we were always against each other when it came to teams we supported. You supported Arsenal in England and Manchester United was my team, you supported Roma in Italy while I supported Juventus.
Seun Lewis it is sad you are no more but I was happy to see how loved you were on the day you were buried. I really don’t know how mummy and daddy would take your loss but looking into the eyes of L2ce and Mide on Tuesday (06/10/2015) when you were being lowered down painted a picture in my head…………………….. YOU WOULD SORELY BE MISSED. Even the football team whom you always played with every Saturday were present donning shirts with your pictures on it. It is going to be hard to deal with your demise but I can categorically say you lived a good life but with you heaven has gained an ANGEL.

So I am not going to say goodbye my brother because you live on in my heart, I would rather focus and take solace on the times shared.


  1. May his soul rest in peace. U won’t believe this but reading this brought tears to my eyes.
    I also lost a friend like a brother 3 years ago. It’s hard Ogun, it’s very hard.
    So sorry for your loss.


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