I didn’t VOTE

My Permanent Voters Card (PVC) got missing and I did all it took to replace it. Sworn affidavit, queued in the rain, yes it rained that Saturday morning (August 17, 2018) I was going to work on the replacement. I practically spent the whole day there. I even lost my temper at some point (strange but true) raving at those that were shunting, I also made a couple of new friends. It was not a bad day after all in all honesty. All done that day and pick up day was next on the agenda. Shoutout to our MD, he ensured all staff got their PVCs. He was instrumental to me exercising my civil rights in 2015, which was the first time I would ever cast my vote. I was really looking forward to doing it again in 2019.
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So I was told to check the Local Government for the replaced PVC about a month later but it wasn’t ready. I kept going at every chance I had but it was the same story. I decided to give it a break and check back sometime in January which was about a month to the elections but still no luck. Then a friend buzzed me the 2 days to when collection of PVCs were going to be stopped and asked if I picked up mine because she saw it at the Local Government, shoutout to LeleLeleO.
Alhaji Atiku Abubakar (l), PDP’s Presidential candidate and President Muhammad Buhari the incumbent and APC’s Presidential candidate. The two are the main contenders to rule Nigeria from 2019-2023 (Image (Concise News)
I spoke to a colleague who knew someone at the Local Government and we went there the Friday collection was to be stopped and unfortunately and fortunately for me I couldn’t get the PVC that day but collection was extended till the following Monday. The person my colleague knew there collected my details and promised to give us a shout if she found it. My colleague in his magnanimity went to the Local Government the next day and ensured they found the PVC for me and then called me to come pick it up. Shoutout to Mr. K.
Alas, the PVC was with me and I was an eligible voter again , well so I thought. I was sleeping easy on Friday night (the eve of the Election Day) through the wee hours of Saturday when constant vibrations from my phone woke me up. A couple of guys from a WhatsApp group I am obviously a part of (Naija Pundits) were arguing on the postponement of the election scheduled for that day. I was wondering what rubbish these lads were chatting about that early. At 3am or there about the news of the postponement was confirmed. Shoutout to my Naija Pundits.
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Fast forward to the 23rd of February, 2019, the day the Presidential and National Assembly elections were shifted to. A friend called me to remind me to go vote and I am like I couldn’t have gone through all that stress of getting my PVC and not vote. Shoutout to Fanaiks. I left for my polling booth and after much stress of locating it, I was disenfranchised. The card reader couldn’t read my card and I was told I couldn’t vote. I asked if there was anything I could do and they said I needed to report to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) so I could be legible to vote during the Governorship and State Assembly elections.
The struggle continues, I will push to vote in 2 weeks time.
Thanks for your time guys. BLESS!!!


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