Horrible display at Saint Mary’s: Southampton 2 Man Utd 2

I was praying for a fabulous Saturday all through and yes it started well,  from the wonderful trip to Abeokuta to the fantastic result by one of the best teams in the world Courteville FC who beat their opponents 2:1 to make it to semi-final of the Courteville Cup and it seemed I was on a roll. Then Newcastle decided to spoil the day as we were approaching Lagos conceding an 11th minute goal against West Ham. They went on to lose 3:0. Then Juventus, my go to team in recent times restored my  joy (as Man Utd were spoiling it simultaneously).
Now to the crux of the matter, this has to be the most embarrassing period of my being a Manchester United fan and please do not remind me of the David Moyes and Louis Van Gaal spells, that’s story for another day. I mean it’s understandable if Manchester United is not in the top four, yes we don’t deserve to be but we are miles away from the leading four. That’s where the grief comes from.
So Southampton that have had problems putting the ball at the back of the net in recent times at home hosted my beloved United side at their Saint Mary’s stadium. A draw was not to be expected but with Manchester United these days anything can happen. The Saints not only bullied the Red Devils in terms of possession and ball play they went ahead with two goals in the first 20 minutes of the game. Awful start by the United lads, like I am not used to this by now.
The Red Devils were also able to level scores before the 1st half break. I was going to give myself hope that the lads would nick all 3 points but nah, they went back to default settings after equalizing.
Game ended 2:2 and United remain seventh. This could probably be the last post on the ‘Diary of a Man Utd Fan’ category as I am not happy with how the season is planning out.
Thanks to Courteville FC, Juventus, Aston Villa and Real Madrid for giving me something to cheer about this weekend.
Thanks for your time guys, do have a GREAT week ahead !!!


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