Green Lights

So I don’t know when I get green lights to doing things or when to make a move generally. Be it a time to ask for help, or ask to help someone or even know when a girl fancies me. It’s just how I was built, but this is story for another day. I didn’t however know people were watching me keenly.
I once got a letter from an admirer back in school, gosh wish I knew where I kept that note. I had never blushed so hard in my life before then. So first I didn’t know who the admirer was for a couple of weeks and when she eventually revealed herself, I didn’t believe she was the one. I just thought she was way out of my league until she sent another letter saying and I quote “It is rude not to respond to a letter either physically or a pen to paper reply”.
It hit me hard,so I decided to put pen to paper and do her a response. All well written (well in my mind), then gave I it to her. I am sure all the bad guys reading this now would be like this guy no try. She read, I am so sure she did but did not respond. A week passed I didn’t hear from her, another week went by same story. So I decided to write her another one, biggest mistake ever. My handwriting put me in trouble, it has a way of looking different and I am guessing it’s a mood thing . Growing up though, I always loved the blue Eleganza pens because it sort of makes my writing look good.
Image: Open Culture
She wrote back saying “writing with different writings does not express true love”. I didn’t even bother trying to convince her otherwise, I MOVED!!!
So back to the crux of the gist, I just don’t know how to decipher lights whether green, yellow or red. So if a lady likes me for example I wouldn’t be able to tell, I probably won’t find out till she’s taken. Is it a crime for a lady to walk up to a guy and tell him how she feels? On the flip side, ladies too also get their hands burnt because the guys they like turn them down in a not so fine way. Anyway, I digress.
Image: Daily Telegraph
So when friends tell me, Dipo that babe likes you or this is the perfect time to make a move on a project or to do this and that I just snort and walk away. Is it not these same friends that will say let’s go and drink 1 bottle of greens but we end up taking 5-6 bottles. Shior.
Sorry to steal 4 minutes of your life, yes I wrote it so I know how long it took you to read it. I was just idle on an Election Day.
Do have a fabulous week ahead and remember if you didn’t vote you don’t have a right to complain or give platitudes. BLESS!!!


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