FIFA:Federation of International Fraudsters Association


FIFA as we all know is an international organisation in charge of football or soccer depending on how you call it in your country whether English or American.

In less than a year from now, world attention would be shifting towards Brazil not as a host of BRICS nations discourse on world economy but as a host to the football World Cup which comes up every four years.

Africa(South Africa) had her share of hosting football’s top competition in 2010. As we all know, prior to the world cup is a smaller event called Confederations Cup comprising of continental champions from Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, South America and Oceania.

Originally wholy hosted by Saudi Arabia and then called King Fahad’s Cup but the mobsters/fraudsters hijacked the competition from the Saudi Monarch and the rest is history.

I’ve watched in days past as Brazillians have taken to the streets of Rio De Janeiro, Brasillia, Sao Paulo, Recife, Fortaleza, Salvador, Belo Horizonte and other cities across Brazil to protest government’s failure to honor the social contract with her citizenry. Brazil is amongst the top countries to have won the world cup and it is believed that football may have started in England but the God of soccer/football is indeed Brazillian. It’s their biggest export commodity followed by sugar-cane and cocoa.

Why protest then? FIFA is in town. Yeah, FIFA looks cool like Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci in goodfellas, but look inside of the prism, they’ve come to rob you. Simply put, FIFA is a legal modern day mobster organisation that controls the casino, the mob and the street.

Brazillians are surprised at the sudden price increase of essential services and tax in order to please the mafia called FIFA. FIFA’s become so big that she looks untouchable and beyond probe.

I love football and cheer for a couple of teams like Kaizer Chiefs, Manchester United, Ajax Amsterdam, Newcastle United, Tottenham Hotspur, Real Madrid, Ashanti Kotoko, Obuasi Goldfield and still have defunct teams like Stationery Stores and Obanta United in heart. It’s one sport that can make you happy or feel depressed depending on how well your team performed.

But paying through our nose in difficult times to watch soccer and the mob gives the standard, the government squeeze her citizens to cough-out the money through tax, stadias are built, competition commences, billions are earned and the mob takes all revenue after the competition to Switzerland is totally fraudulent. This wouldn’t have happened if not with the connivance of football executives in national football associations, politicians and FIFA excos.

If Brazillians can take to the street, it’s high-time we told FIFA about her ceaseless organized fraud. Imagine your government getting involved in footballing decisions in your country, FIFA is quick to intervene and threaten to wield a suspension stick if status quo isn’t maintained.

We’re just too foolish to see that FIFA doesn’t want government to interfere with football decisions in our country but can hobnob with government to foot the bill of any FIFA competition.

‘The renovation of Fortaleza’s stadium for the World Cup cost 519m reais (£149m). According to Lopes, “the committee [Comitê Popular Copa e Olimpíadas] has been debating the legacy of the World Cup for the past three years and investigating how investments are made. What we have seen proves the country is going to be the stage for an enormous abuse by Fifa – with the endorsement of the government.”

Definitely FIFA is a government more powerful than our national government that we must bow to FIFA’s whims. What a sad state of fraud and gangsterism.

Romario Farias De Souza; Remember him? That brilliant Brazillian star at USA ’94 World Cup has this to say.

“They are taking the piss out of us with our money, the public’s money.”

“The money that has been spent on the Mane Garrincha stadium could have been used to build 150,000 housing units.#imagine

“But no, we spend it on a stadium. Is it nice? Yes. Is it practical? Not at all. Fifa is the real president of this country.

“Fifa comes to our country and imposes a state within a state. It’s not going to pay taxes, it’s going to come, install a circus without paying anything and take everything with it.”

Hope our President and our national football association would wake up to their senses to realise that FIFA is one big conman. An advance fee fraud specialist of international repute.


By Oshman

FIFA:Federation of International Fraudsters Association


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