What is this maggi cube slogan saying every woman is a star? Abeg that’s not true o, every man is also a star, after all in the days of Maggi kitchen competition, na man they win am pass. I have not seen a better cook than my big bro (Big Doz). This man dey cook ehn. I remember when I was little and my mum travelled for her usual conferences, the only thing I missed was her presence and of course the love that radiates around her (Miss you mum). The thing is every cooking person is a star. I don’t know how to cook but I like food. So I am a star too in my own right (hahahahahahahaha). Don’t mind me, just trying to be silly.
Been a while peeps and I sincerely apologise for the long hiatus. I trust you guys are doing well. So what do you think about the best football team in the world? You know what it is don’t you? Ok let me spell it out for you clearly MANCHESTER UNITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! See enemies oh, dem dey scream PDP. The Chelsea game? I call it Karma not cheating. How is it Man Utd’s fault the ref made errors? Oh United reps bribed the ref (mouth opened ajar)? I think Chelsea should be the side with shame, how can I come to Stamford Bridge and still have the ref in my favour? Someone didn’t do their home work well. Highlight of that game was Torres, Ivanovic and Chicharito innit?
How Torres made it to the 2nd half of that game beats me. A karate kick to the chest of Cleverly in the 1st half and he only got a yellow card? Come on peeps lets be logical. I wouldn’t blame the ref for sending him off for simulation because he went down too easily jor. I think we can all agree Ivanovic was rightfully sent off. I wouldn’t have sent him off though, because it was Ashley Young that he fouled. For a minute I thought he would have booked Young for diving. Chicharito’s offside goal? It was a difficult call. Abi wetin una want make I talk? The Blues however got their revenge in the Capital One Cup. They edged out the Red Devils 5-4. Great game to be honest but Man Utd conquered when it mattered most which was the 3-2 league match win at Stamford Bridge. It was United’s first win there since 2002; Chelsea owner Roman Abrahamovic never witnessed a United league win at the Bridge before this one.
Arsenal fans how far nah? Eeya, what happened to Giroud and Podolski when you guys visited the Theatre of Dreams? GOD save una, na beg we beg Van Persie make e no finish una o. It was a great game though the scores were not a true reflection of the game. I wonder why we must always concede goals. Anyway as long as we are winning. Don’t you just love us? We always finish games in grand style. We would have been in 12th position if we didn’t come back to win majority of our games.
Champions league 2nd round ticket in the bag (we are confirmed group winners with 12points). I have a strong feeling we are winning the league this term, though Chelsea and Shitty are not doing badly and even Everton is fighting for a Champions league spot. Westbrom are the surprise package for me though. 20 points already garnered by the Midlands side.
Cristiano Ronaldo has upped the ante as regards who the best player on the planet is by scoring with one eye. When Messi does that please wake me. My Juve’s unbeaten run was cut short to 49games (Arsenal fans must have been happy,AC Milan fans must be ecstatic ). Oh my did you see Ibrahimovic’s 4th goal against England? Unarguably the best goal scored this year. SMHISM (Shaking my head in slow motion) at Milan.
Thanks for reading and I promise to be consistent……………………………… Bless

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  1. Dipopo I no belive say u neva still sabi cook ooooo and u like dodo and okro , I pray say make bee no use u do shakara for dat side oooo . Hope ur gud ?

  2. Hmmn u can’t cook but u like food, oga go n learn, when ur wife is preggy who’ll do d cooking?
    Lots of footie talk, infact toooo much footie talk.


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